Outer Terror Is Like Vampire Survivors Meets Pulp Action Horror | New Gameplay Today

Outer Terror Is Like Vampire Survivors Meets Pulp Action Horror | New Gameplay Today

In today’s New Gameplay Today, your hosts Wesley LeBlanc and Kyle Hilliard jump into Outer Terror, an upcoming pulp action-horror game coming to PC sometime soon. 

The two discuss the game’s visual style, how it plays, its similarities to Vampire Survivors, and everything else going on in this exclusive preview. This demo build features a small snippet of one of the game’s five volumes and our gameplay showcases how the on-screen action works, the horrors from beyond, and how quests work in Outer Terror. 

Check out Outer Terror for yourself below in this installment of New Gameplay Today


As you can see, Outer Terror is shaping up to be a great time, perfect for those moments where you’ve got 10 or 15 minutes to blitz through hordes of the undead, monsters from beyond, and more. For more about Outer Terror and what to expect from the game, check out our coverage of the game from last month. 

Outer Terror hits PC via Steam and the VoxPop Games Store (with exclusive content on that storefront, too), but a release date has not yet been revealed. 

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