Overwatch 2 Nerfs All Tanks Outside Of Role Queue

Overwatch 2 Nerfs All Tanks Outside Of Role Queue

All tanks will receive a huge nerf in Overwatch 2 later today, affecting every game mode apart from role queue. After the Season 3 update, game modes such as open queue will reduce every tank hero's health pool by 150 points, making them much easier to kill.

Open queue matches will be unaffected, with the move only being made to counter teams who run multiple tanks at once. Previously, open queue and arcade modes would allow players to have a full team of tanks if they so wished, despite the class recently being rebalanced to account for 5v5.

"The health totals for all tank heroes will be lower when playing any game mode that does not have a role queue," reads the latest patch notes. "Health totals will remain the same for tanks when playing any role queue-enabled game."

This is further explained in a comment from the developers, suggesting that this is targeting teams who run compositions such as triple tank. Admittedly, if this was paired with two support heroes, the team would be incredibly hard to kill.

However, if you're in open queue and your team still only has a single tank, these nerfs will still be in place, giving you a much weaker version of the character. With that in mind, we can most likely expect open queue teams to require multiple tanks from here on out, making up for this nerf. It also means that support heroes will have to keep a close eye on their tanks, as they'll definitely be needing some heals more frequently.

Aside from this, all of the tanks have their own individual patch notes, ranging from big buffs to disappointing nerfs. For example, Reinhardt will be able to charge more frequently, with the cooldown going down by a second. Similarly, Roadhog's ultimate will last longer, although it will be harder to charge up. Winston, however, now has a weaker shield, making it easier for the other team to destroy.

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