Overwatch: Get A Unique Roadhog Skin In The First Ever Pachimarchi Challenge

Overwatch: Get A Unique Roadhog Skin In The First Ever Pachimarchi Challenge

Blizzard Entertainment has announced a brand new Overwatch challenge event which will give you the chance to earn a unique Pachimari Roadhog skin.

The PachiMarchi Challenge is a limited time event and will run from March 9-22. Similar to past character challenges, in order to earn the new prizes, including the Pachimari Roadhog skin, you’ll have to complete a series of challenges in-game.

To win a new player icon, you’ll have to win three games, winning six games will also reward you with a new Junkrat emote, and nine games will earn you the special Pachimari cosmetic for Roadhog. To earn six new sprays, all you have to do is login to the game. Each one is distinct to resemble certain Overwatch heroes, including Junkrat, Doomfist, Zenyatta, Winston, Sombra, Hanzo, and Genji.

Overwatch’s PachiMarchi Challenge trailer shows off the skin in action, where we can see Roadhog is dripped in pink and green to match the iconic tentacle onion mascot. Roadhog is canonically obsessed with Pachimari’s so this inspired challenge is only fitting.

We recently got a more in-depth look at Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 during BlizzConline last month. The behind-the-scenes look premiered brand new gameplay, revealing new details about maps, skill trees, and more.

Developers shared a look at the game’s campaign mode, along with PvP maps which will be set in Rome and New York City. The character roster will also receive fresh looks, as we were teased back in 2019 when Overwatch 2 was announced. No release date has been set for the sequel to the popular FPS, however we do know that a lot of progress has been made.

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