Persona Fans Are Sharing The Characters They Hate Most

Persona Fans Are Sharing The Characters They Hate Most

While opinions about the popular Persona franchise have been running rampant for years, a topic which has not received a lot of attention has finally been broached, the most hated characters. The series apparently has produced quite a few, at least according to players.

The news comes from an ongoing thread on the popular social media platform Reddit. “Real talk,” the user known as Middle-Swan732 explained about the character Suguru Kamoshida, posting a picture. “Is this the most hated character in the series?”

The responses have naturally been varied, but most fans of the franchise are apparently in agreement. “Once you’ve listened to his will seed mutterings… yeah, he’s awful,” the user going by the name of Solid_Independent_99 for example remarked. “I’ve only played Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, so I can’t say for sure if he’s the most hated character. The most deplorable human being? For sure.”

“For me, it’s him and the principal, I was glad when the principal died because he was working with Shido when the change of heart started in Kamoshida and he has done nothing as a principal,” the user known as KingVenomous123 posted on the same social media platform. “His storyline made me pause and be furious,” the user called Stonehill76 also replied. “I would expect him to be the most hated.” This prompted a response from a user going by SidTheShuckle who noted how “as a human being he’s the worst, but as a character, Morgana or Ohya are the worst.”

While fans of Morgana and Ohya have been sticking up for the characters, the great debate remains unsettled, responses to the question still coming in with remarkable regularity. The conversation has been somewhat heated but exceptionally civil, particularly for Reddit. The result so far has been a lively discussion.

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