Phasmophobia Adds New Ghosts, Map, And Daily Objectives

Phasmophobia Adds New Ghosts, Map, And Daily Objectives

Phasmophobia was 2021’s surprise ghost hunting hit, but developer Kinetic Games isn’t done adding to it. In Phasmophobia’s latest update, you get two new ghosts, a new map, and the news that Kinetic is expanding.

If you weren’t already aware, your favorite co-op scare nights in Phasmophobia were all thanks to one person over at Kinetic Games. In perhaps the least surprising news around the game – it turns out that keeping up with the demand is a ton of work. So in the most recent update to steam, the solo developer announced they would be hiring experienced artists and programmers to work on Phasmophobia. So, perhaps we’ll see some new goodies soon.

You’ve got plenty to hold you over for now though, as Phasmophobia just got two new spookies – the Yokai and Hantu. Yokai tend to get a little pissy if you talk while close to them (so be careful not to whine around them too much), and Hantu are speedier ghosts when it gets cold. If you suspect you’ve got a Hantu on your hands, maybe try to keep the breakers on so things don’t get too cold.

Phasmophobia also got a couple of new daily challenges, capture a three-star ghost photo and capture a photo of dirty water (they brought that back – so cruel). There’s also a new small house map, Will Street House, that encourages play around hiding behind furniture. The map has no closets or lockers, so you’re forced to make use of ducking behind a nearby couch. While it is a tiny map, it sounds pretty frightening.

Other updates include the ability to sell back items for half the cost, which is handy if you’ve died a ton and you’re short on cash. Phasmophobia saw a few balance changes too, like now the ghost will walk to closets and lockers to check if it heard you or saw you go inside. You can check out the full list of updates on the official steam page.

For a one man show, the steady stream of Phasmophobia updates has been quite impressive. Earlier this year, we saw adjustments to items like the Parabolic Mic to make it a bit more useful. And just last March, we saw a huge update drop that made ghosts way smarter, which of course also makes them more terrifying.

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