Planet Zoo’s Update Brings Vista Points, A New Scenario, And More Deep Swimming

Planet Zoo’s Update Brings Vista Points, A New Scenario, And More Deep Swimming

Frontier has just announced an update coming to Planet Zoo on June 22. it includes deep swimming support for several bears, a new vista point feature, expanded sandbox options, custom audio speakers, a timed scenario, and more. Here’s everything you can expect from the free 1.6 update.

Bears are getting some love with the Polar Bear, Grizzly Bear, Formosan Black Bear, and Sun Bear all now able to go deep swimming. The Polar Bear has also undergone some changes and now has reduced minimum requirements for its habitat which you can find out more about by reading Designer Kilian’s explanation.

If you want to create a more unique atmosphere in your zoo then take a look at the custom audio speaker options that allow you to experiment with Frontier’s tracklist or make your own.

For those who want to check on their animal’s welfare, habitats can now have cameras installed. They function like zoo webcams and offer a bonus to your zoo’s marketing. Different settings including night vision will allow you to view your animals in unique new ways.

As well as these new features you’ll also find a brand new timed scenario set in Central America. This will put you in charge of an animal sanctuary which you’ll need to utilize to take care of a stream of animals in need.

Alongside these features are some quality-of-life updates. Animal Trading now includes a storage limit of 200, up from 50, and also has an updated UI. Search functionality and filters have also been added to Animal Management, Animal Market, Animal Storage, Exhibit Market, and Exhibit Storage screens to make it easy to locate the information you need. These are rolled out alongside staff management changes that include multiselect and categories. These should help make managing larger zoos much more efficient.

For those who want to play without set goals, sandbox mode now has a host of new options. You’ll be able to toggle on and off settings such as animal stress, animal fights, water cleanliness, food spoiling, escape, and pickpockets amongst others. These can be customized on a per zoo basis and you can even save the range of settings you prefer.

Finally, campaigns will no longer end once you get that gold medal. You’ll instead get a pop-up to inform you that Animal Market will now be properly populated, enabling you to continue running the zoo free from any scenario restrictions.

The Planet Zoo 1.6 update will be available for all players from June 22.

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