Play Dark Souls 2 Upside Down, You Cowards

Play Dark Souls 2 Upside Down, You Cowards

Dark Souls 2 is already pretty difficult. Not only do you have the series' staple challenge, but a bit of clunk and slower movement to really rub it all in. You'd better be levelling adaptability. And even if you are, good luck with the Shrine of Amana. But that difficulty isn't enough for some, so modders have turned Dark Souls 2 on its head – literally.

Upside Down Mod does what it says on the tin. It turns the game upside down (thanks, PCGamesN), which makes playing far more disorienting. Just look at jumping. Now you'll go down rather than up, so go on, fall 'down' the pit in Majula – that won't hurt your head at all.

The trailer, embedded below, shows a player walking out of Things Betwixt into a tipsy-turvy, flipped world. The sky is down, the ocean is up, and everything is wrong. Then they explore the depths, the invisible forest, Drangelic Castle's winding bridge, Amana, and even ride a zipline through the Dragon home.

It continues with the already trippy rope bridge that sways side-to-side, and the long suspended chain from the DLC, all culminating in the title screen which is also upside down. If you download this, you can always turn your monitor around, or sit upside down yourself, if you're fine with defeating the spirit of a true upside-down run.

I'm dizzy from the trailer alone, but if you're brave enough, there's a link in the video's description. "This mod changes the camera parameters of Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin so that the game world is viewed from upside down," the page reads. "Traverse Drangleic from a whole new perspective."

The only downside, aside from being upside down, is that you can't play online due to the modded game files, otherwise you'll risk an online softban. And you can only use it with the remastered Scholar of the First Sin edition, not the original Dark Souls 2.

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