Player First Games Hopes To Share MultiVersus News "Soon"

Player First Games Hopes To Share MultiVersus News "Soon"

Following a noticeably quiet few weeks, Player First Games has confirmed that it hopes to be able to reveal what's coming next for MultiVersus "soon".

Since MultiVersus released, it's had a pretty consistent release schedule, with a new fighter, feature, or stage being added to the game every couple of weeks. Aside from the new Winter event and the Game of Thrones stage, it's now been more than a month since the last significant piece of content, Marvin the Martian, was added to the game.

Add to that the fact that Season 2 doesn't yet have a roadmap, and it's made things feel a little too quiet in the MultiVersus community. It seems that Player First Games is aware of this quiet period, as it's revealed on Twitter that things are being worked on right now and that it hopes to be able to share them "soon".

After being asked by a Twitter user what's next for MultiVersus, Player First Games said this, "Things are in the works. We hope to be able to share soon", ending it with a prayer emoji. Although MultiVersus players might have been hoping to see one more character before the year ends, the use of "hope" makes it seem as if we're going to be waiting a little while longer until we see what content is coming next.

As for what that content is, we already have a pretty good idea of what it's likely going to be. One of the more consistent MultiVersus rumours over the past few months is that The Joker is going to be the next character added to the game. This was backed up by a recent update adding some sound effects for his shoes, along with some other bits of data for the character.

Aside from The Joker, we also know that Beetlejuice and The Wicked Witch of the West are planned to be added to the game at some point, and even have voice lines in the game's files currently. It's not clear how far along those two are in development, but it can be assumed they'll be added for Season 2.

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