PlayStation Now Gets Four New Games, Includes Final Fantasy XV and Resident Evil 7

PlayStation Now Gets Four New Games, Includes Final Fantasy XV and Resident Evil 7

Sony just stepped up its streaming game, adding Resident Evil VII and Final Fantasy XV to PlayStation Now, alongside two other titles. Both are available to stream on the service right now, according to the PlayStation Blog.

Resident Evil VII was the revival the series needed back in 2017. It is a terrifying first-person horror game set in a mansion from the deep south. PlayStation VR users who download the game using PlayStation Now can also experience the petrifying scenes of Resident Evil VII with great immersion thanks to the headset. The game will be available on the service until November 30, 2020, so you don’t have long to finish it. It’s the perfect Halloween game for those who want to be haunted!

Final Fantasy XV is the latest mainline release from the prolific Japanese RPG series. It switches out the turn-based mechanics of prior games for an action-RPG system, but it has a beautiful world to explore, thanks to its Luminous Engine. Noctis and his friends are on a road trip to save their kingdom from the empire and a looming villainous threat, and is full of unexpected twists.

It seems like this is the base version of Final Fantasy XV, so it won’t include the DLC that fills some gaps in the disappointing story. FFXV will be available on the PlayStation Now service until March 1, 2021. The other two titles available for PlayStation Now are WWE 2K19 and Observation.

WWE 2K19 is the last title that long-time developer of the series Yukes made before it split ties with Take-Two Interactive. This is not the buggy game that stained the credibility of the series. In this wrestling adaptation, you have the MyCareer experience, 2K Towers, and a mixture of both current superstars and legends of the entertainment sport as part of the roster.

Dalton Cooper gave WWE 2K19 a four out of five for GameRant, due to the sheer amount of content that’s available in the game – including a large roster, character customization, and an in-depth story mode.

Observation is a sci-fi thriller in the vein of the Stanley Kubrick classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey, but you’re taking on the role of the AI. After a mysterious outage on the space station, you must figure out a way to restore its systems before its too late. Both WWE 2K19 and Observation do not have an expiration date.

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