PlayStation Now price drop for PS4 gamers following new PS Plus reveal

PlayStation Now price drop for PS4 gamers following new PS Plus reveal

PS4 gamers can save 40% on the usual PlayStation Now price by snapping up a new deal available on Amazon.

PS Now is Sony’s own game streaming service that has a digital library boasting hundreds of games.

New titles are announced monthly with a mix of PS4 and PS3 games included for fans to enjoy.

Sony recently changed how PS Now works, making it possible to download certain titles, instead of just streaming them.

A PlayStation Now subscription costs £12.99 per month or £ 84.99 per year, giving you unlimited access to over 600 games, with new games added every month.

But in the United States, fans currently have the chance to enjoy a 12-month PlayStation Now price drop. – not Amazon UK – is currently stocking codes for the service that drop the cost to $59.99, instead of the usual $99.99 price.

The bad news is that the same deal doesn’t appear to be available to fans in the UK who may want to try PS Now on PS4 or Windows 10 PC.

And it should also be noted that PlayStation codes are region locked, usually making it impossible to use US codes in the UK.

But for those who have access to it, this latest PlayStation Now deal is worth checking out.

The good news for gamers in the UK is that there is still time to snap up a similar deal running on the PS Plus subscription service.

Heading over to Amazon UK, PS4 gamers who regularly use online services and multiplayer can snap up a 12-month subscription for £37.49.

That’s a 25% price drop on the usual cost of a PlayStation Plus subscription and is available now. Other benefits include exclusive discounts on PlayStation Store games and DLC.

You also get 100GB of cloud storage for your PlayStation 4 game saves – which is perfect if you’re running out of hard drive space. The big bonus is being able to download new PS4 games each month as part of your subscription to PS Plus.

This currently includes Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and The Witness, but new games will be announced later this week.

They will go live in early April and will be part of your digital library for as long as you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber.


First, head to PlayStation Store from your PS4 home screen, scroll down to the PlayStation Now tab and select your preferred subscription length to claim your free trial.

If you’ve already used your seven-day trial, you can buy your preferred subscription directly. Or to browse the games available, select “Subscription” then choose “Launch App”. Then select “All Games”. The PS Now app will then be added to your home screen.

From the PS Now app, you can choose any of the games available and choose to stream them instantly, or pick from hundreds of PS4 games and download them to your PS4 HDD. If you choose to download a game, it’ll be available direct from your PS4 home screen, just like any other game.

Alternatively, pick a game and select “My List” to add it to your roster of games to play later.

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