Please Don’t Let A Wrestler Play Kratos In The God Of War Show

Please Don’t Let A Wrestler Play Kratos In The God Of War Show

There are so many video games being adapted into TV shows and movies right now. Just about every character is subject to fan casting ven if that particular game or series hasn't been picked for the adaptation treatment yet. Although with Toejam & Earl being picked up by Amazon, if your favorite game hasn't been selected by a studio by now, it probably never will. Who will voice the obscure Mega Drive aliens hasn't been revealed, and who will play Kratos in Amazon's live-action God of War show is also still a closely guarded secret.

The project is still so far away that Amazon probably hasn't even cast its Kratos yet. It has finally confirmed the adaptation is happening, though. Atreus actor Sunny Suljic has already declared his interest in playing a live-action version of the character, and discussions regarding who might play Kratos have become almost a daily occurrence on social media. Especially following the launch of Ragnarok and Christopher Judge making headlines at The Game Awards. Speaking of Judge, it's hard to imagine anyone else playing the role at this point, but that's probably going to happen.

Not just anyone can play a god. Kratos is tall, muscular, and has an incredibly distinct voice. With all of those boxes to tick, quite a few God of War fans have been turning to the world of professional wrestling. Top of the wrestling cast list for Kratos is Triple H, and with good reason. The first time I saw a side-by-side of Kratos and The Game it blew my mind a little bit. More because I had never noticed it before. You'd be forgiven for thinking Kratos's in-game model had been inspired by Triple H when comparing the two in certain lights, and WWE's head of creative looks so much like the God of War that many are convinced he should be the one to play him in an adaptation.

The Game has the look down, that's for sure. He might even have the voice for it. However, and this is coming from someone who has been an avid wrestling fan for more than 20 years, he is not the right choice to play Kratos. While there are plenty of examples of wrestlers successfully making the leap from the ring to Hollywood, Triple H isn't one of them. Yes, he has been in movies in the past, but he isn't in them anymore, and that's not because he has his hands full at Titan Towers. It's because he was in movies like The Chaperone. If you still think Triple H should be Kratos, go watch that and then come back to me. Then again, The Rock once played the Tooth Fairy and now he's Black Adam, so what do I know?

Speaking of The People's Champ, he made the leap more successfully than anyone else. Since he's big. bald, and tall like Triple H, Dwayne has also been cast as Kratos by fans. The Rock also has the fact he's not white going for him because yes, even though Kratos appears to have white skin in the God of War games, he actually does not. His skin is stained white by the ashes of the family he killed back in Greece. Dark stuff. It's that same darkness which dictates so much of Kratos's character that makes The Rock a poor choice for the role too. I just can't see The People's Champ pulling off a convincing God of War. The Rock did reveal he has been working on a massive video game project a while back. Maybe this is it, but hopefully not.

Since any bald WWE Superstar with a beard appears to be fair game, some have even suggested Braun Strowman. That's getting a firm no from me without further explanation. I don't want anyone in The Nine Realms to "get these hands" and neither should you. If this is a universe in which a wrestler absolutely has to play Kratos for some reason, then make it Dave Bautista. While he wouldn't be my first choice, I can't think of anyone from the squared circle who would do a better job. The only thing missing is a big old bushy beard, but even if The Animal can't grow one of his own, I'm sure the talented team at Amazon can work their magic.

So, if I don't want a wrestler Kratos, then who do I want? That's a tricky question to answer. There have been a lot of names floated out there, and some of them make sense to me. Jason Momoa would potentially make a terrific God of War, provided he can pull off being bald. Yes, the man is one of the best-looking people on the planet, but how much of the work is his hair doing? Winston Duke is another terrific suggestion I've seen doing the rounds from time to time. As I touched upon already though, after two incredible outings as Kratos, it's hard to imagine anyone other than Judge assuming the role for the third time. The actor has openly admitted he would be up for playing the character in an entirely new medium, and if given an audition, it's hard to imagine anyone will better his performance. Ragnarok's creators revealed Judge knows Kratos better than anyone after two games, even suggesting script alterations while recording his audio for the sequel.

Judge and Duke top my list, Momoa rounds out the top three, and if I really thought hard about it, there'd probably be quite a few other actors on that list before I started suggesting wrestlers. Despite some of them bearing a remarkable resemblance to Kratos, I'd be very surprised if someone like Triple H gets the nod ahead of a full-time actor. Stick to WWE Hunter, you've been hitting it out of the park in your new role this year. You wouldn't want a life-changing role getting in the way of that anyway.

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