Pokemon: 10 Moments We’d Love To Experience All Over Again

Pokemon: 10 Moments We’d Love To Experience All Over Again

Since its debut in 1996, the Pokemon games have been the source of some of the most memorable moments in gaming. Whether it's catching your first Pokemon all on your own or taking down the Elite Four and becoming the Champion, there are plenty of memorable times that you might hold on to.

No one ever truly forgets their Pokemon partners which is why we took the time to look back on some of the most iconic moments from across the Pokemon games. These moments stuck with us through the years and are ones that if we could, we would experience for the first time all over again.

10/10 Fighting Team Rocket In Pokemon Yellow

One of the wildest moments from the early Pokemon games was running into Jessie and James, the iconic duo from the Pokemon anime, in Pokemon Yellow. Taking over the roles that regular Team Rocket Grunts played in Pokemon Red & Blue, the two normally animated villains were a cute addition to the games and ones that kids talked about for months afterward on playgrounds. Sporting their familiar partners of Ekans and Koffing, plus the plucky Meowth, the team felt more evil thanks to being a part of Team Rocket’s plans from the game.

9/10 Petting Your Pokemon

Petting your Pokemon might not be the most impressive thing you can do in the games, nor is it the best use of your time. But there’s something special about being able to interact with your 'mons like you would a cat or a dog in real life. Pokemon X & Y was the first game to let you pet your pals through Pokemon-Amie. You could do other things in it too, like feed them and clean them, all of which worked to increase their affection towards you so.

8/10 Learning AZ’s Backstory

For much of Pokemon X & Y, the mysterious figure only known as AZ was an enigma. He stands over 9 feet tall and spoke cryptically about his past. Once you become the Champion, however, AZ gives you the full details of his life. You learn that he was once gifted a Floette from his late mother and he cherished the Floette dearly, when one day it was sent to a great Pokemon war where it died fighting.

He devoted his life to bringing his friend back to life at the expense of many other's, and when he succeeded, turned the tool he used to do so into a weapon to end the war. AZ’s backstory is incredibly dark given the relatively light-hearted nature of the games and gave Pokemon X & Y an amount of depth not normally seen in the games.

7/10 Rayquaza Putting A Stop To Kyogre And Groudon’s Fight

Rayquaza showing up to put an end to Kyogre and Groudon’s bickering is one of the coolest moments in the Pokemon games. Descending from the heavens, Rayquaza parts the clouded skies and with a roar stops the two legendary monsters from fighting. While the cutscene might not be as impressive when compared to today’s Pokemon games, everyone playing Pokemon Emerald on the Gameboy Advance knew it was the coolest thing ever.

6/10 Discovering Lusamine’s Plan

Lusamine, the mother of Gladion and Lillie, is initially introduced as a kindly and loving character. The safety of all Pokemon is her top priority and, at least for a while, she seems fairly normal. After she is exposed to the toxin from the Ultra Beast Nihilego, she gets corrupted, becoming obsessed with finding a way to connect to the world of the Ultra Beasts. Lusamine’s corruption led her to a dark path, looking upon her children with disgust and eventually fusing with Nihilego to achieve her goals.

5/10 Encountering Zacian/Zamazenta

Very early into your adventures through Galar you find yourself in a mysterious and foggy wooded area called the Slumbering Weald, chasing after what sounds like the cry of another Pokemon. As you and Hop venture deeper into the foggy woods, it becomes clear that something else is going on. While your encounter with either Zacian or Zamazenta is short, you won’t truly know what is hiding in those woods until you return late in the game, making the mystery of the Weald something that we all remember fondly.

4/10 Fighting Against Red On Mt. Silver

You’ve beaten all of the Elite Four in Pokemon Gold & Silver, you’ve acquired all the gym badges across both Jhoto and Kanto, and you’ve conquered the Pokedex. You are the Pokemon master as far as most people are concerned. But a rumor persists that deep within Mt. Silver, a legendary trainer awaits, far stronger than any challenge you’ve faced before.

There you can find Red, the main protagonist from Pokemon Red & Blue, the character based on you from when you played the games, waiting to fight. This incredibly cool moment from Gold & Silver stuck with fans for years as one of the most impressive moments in the series.

3/10 Catching Your First Legendary

There’s nothing like the thrill in Pokemon games of catching your first legendary. It doesn’t matter if your first was Zapdos in the Power Plant from Pokemon Red & Blue or Dialga from Pokemon Legends: Arceus, catching your first legendary Pokemon is a moment that becomes locked in your brain. Since legendary Pokemon are often incredibly difficult to catch and oftentimes are scaled well past your main team’s level, catching one is a climatic fight.

2/10 Fighting Both Of Giratina's Forms

You’ve made your way through Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and you come face to face with Giratina, the legendary renegade Pokemon. Giratina from the Distortion World, a realm of shadow and darkness. You fight with all your might to take down this monstrous shadowy being, only for it to change to its Origin Forme, recovering all its health and becoming even stronger. This is one of the rare times where Pokemon have a second phase to their fight, making it a terrifying monster to go up against.

1/10 Picking Your First Pokemon Partner

There’s no more heartwarming feeling in a Pokemon game than picking your first partner Pokemon. Every generation there are three new 'mons to pick, but deciding on your very first to share your travels with is something special. You’re about to go on a fifty-hour adventure across a strange a mysterious world together so you’ll want to make sure you pick a partner that suits you best! It doesn’t matter if your first Pokemon was Bulbasaur or Fuecoco, they’re all special to you.

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