Pokemon: All Ash’s Water-Types, Ranked

Pokemon: All Ash’s Water-Types, Ranked

While he never specialized in Water types like his companion Misty, Ash Ketchum has used a variety of Water-type Pokemon over the course of his career as a Pokemon trainer. From his firefighting Squirtle in Kanto to his Dracovish caught in Pokemon Journeys, each of Ash's Water-type Pokemon has proven themselves to be plenty capable, having won many battles for him throughout his many adventures.

With Ash's time as the protagonist of the Pokemon anime coming to a close, he likely won't be obtaining any new water types going forward. With that in mind, now seems an appropriate time to take a look back at each of these aquatic fighters and see how they stack up against one another.

10/10 Lapras: Finding The Way Home

Caught during his adventures in the Orange Islands, Ash's Lapras was never much of a battler. After being separated from its pod and washing up on Tangelo Island, the Water-type was tormented by three boys before being saved by Ash. Gaining its trust with the promise to reunite it with its family, Lapras joined Ash's team and became his loyal transport throughout the Orange Islands.

While it only partook in a formal battle against Champion Drake's Gengar, Lapras held its own and proved how much it had grown while under Ash's care. The two then bid each other a tearful goodbye when Ash managed to fulfill his promise of locating Lapras' family.

9/10 Totodile: Lacking Power, Brimming With Style

After a battle with Misty, Ash earned the right to become Totodile's trainer during his Jhoto adventures. Though this wasn't always smooth sailing as the water starter would often prioritize dancing over battle. However, this never deterred Ash, as while Totodile participated in only a few gym battles, it helped Ash during his Jhoto league tournament matches.

Giving its all, the Water-type managed a win over Harrison's Sneasel in the quarter-final match. While it never hit particularly hard, Ash's Totodile often made up for that by showing plenty of heart.

8/10 Palpitoad: Proving Its Worth

One of Ash's more abrupt captures, Palpitoad was angered by Ash and his Oshawott as the two had unknowingly invaded its territory. After a hard-fought battle, Ash would capture the water and ground-type, welcoming it to his Unova team.

Palpitoad would soon prove its might in battle as it would decimate many power foes such as Burgundy's Stoutland and gym leader Elesa's Zebstrika. Despite being caught seemingly on a whim, Palpitoad consistently stepped up to face any opponent, doing its best for Ash.

7/10 Oshawott: Never To Be Underestimated

If there was any Pokemon that Ash invested plenty of time into, it was his Oshawott. Beginning its time with Ash early in his Unova journey, Oshawott was consistently shown to cower in the face of hardship. Despite this, he was able to overcome his fears many times over thanks to Ash's encouragement.

Whether it be defeating Cilan's Pansage in a gym battle or conquering his fear of water to save his friends, Oshawott grew into a reliable and lovable part of Ash's Unova family.

6/10 Buizel: Never Give Up Until The End

Buizel has always displayed an intense love for battles. Even while owned by Pokemon coordinator Dawn, Buizel still did battle with Lucian of the Sinnoh Elite 4, earning the psychic expert's respect in the process. Once it joined up with Ash, however, the two became a fierce duo that trained relentlessly for the Sinnoh league.

Never wanting to give up, Buizel's stubborn attitude propelled it to greatness against powerful foes such as Maylene's Lucario and Crasher Wake's Floatzel. No matter the challenge, this feisty Water-type refused to quit until it was over.

5/10 Kingler: Hit The Ground Running

One term that could best describe Ash's Kingler is beginner's luck. After all, who would have expected that the little Krabby Ash caught simply to prove a point would evolve into such a beast?

Despite having spent all of Ash's Kanto adventure at Professor Oak's lab, when called upon for the Indigo league, Kingler showed up in a big way. Kingler not only destroyed three Pokemon in its debut battle but, went on to crack the shell of a Cloyster in its next match. Though it has been relegated to the sidelines since, many fans remember its jaw-dropping debut.

4/10 Corphish: Tough As Nails

From the moment it joined Ash's team, Corphish has always been a force to be reckoned with. While showing incredible endurance against powerful gym leaders and skilled trainers during the Hoenn league, it was at the Kanto Battle Frontier that Corphish truly made a name for itself.

Against trainers on the level of the Elite 4, Corphish fought valiantly and helped Ash earn a few Frontier symbols. Though it started out disobedient, Corphish slowly grew into a fierce warrior.

3/10 Squirtle: From Prankster To Hero

Any long-time fan of the Pokemon anime remembers Ash's Squirtle. Sporting its signature sunglasses, Squirtle once terrorized Vermillion City alongside its Squirtle Squad.

Through joining Ash, the tiny turtle matured into a leader that not only gave its all for Ash in battle, but would assist the civilians of the city it once tormented as a firefighter. Though this meant leaving Ash, Squirtle got in one last fight alongside its Kanto comrades to win Ash the battle that crowned him king of the Battle Frontier.

2/10 Dracovish: More Than Meets The Eye

Who would have thought that the silly fossil Ash caught on a whim would become one of his strongest fighters? Introduced during Pokemon Journeys, Dracovish was showcased from the start to be an absolute monster, defeating the Unova champion Iris’ Dragonite in simply two moves.

Dracovish’s victories over champion Pokemon wouldn’t end there as the ancient overlord would not only dominate Cynthia’s Roserade, but would be the one to defeat Leon’s Rillaboom. This Rillaboom having previously swept through four members of champion Diantha’s team.

1/10 Greninja: The Protector Of Kalos Has Arrived

What can be said about Ash's Greninja that hasn't already been said? The hero of the Kalos region, Greninja consistently demonstrated unwavering determination as it trained alongside Ash to unlock its true potential. While it was plenty powerful prior to unlocking the Ash-Greninja transformation, this form allowed it to decimate several mega Pokemon, including champion Diantha's Gardevoir which it nearly defeated.

Though it did leave Ash's side in the end, Greninja choosing to use its incredible powers for the greater good truly demonstrates the selfless nature of this heroic Water-type.

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