Pokémon Anime Censors Controversial Mustache (For Obvious Reasons)

Pokémon Anime Censors Controversial Mustache (For Obvious Reasons)

It’s 2020 and the Pokémon anime is still being censored, as a mustache worn by a minor character has been removed from the localized version of the series.

The Pokémon anime was censored a lot throughout its early seasons, to the point that entire episodes never made it overseas. These include episodes where characters pointed guns at each other, as well as the infamous “Electric Soldier Porygon” episode, which caused children in Japan to have seizures. There have also been numerous minor edits made to the series, such as Brock’s infamous “Jelly Dougnuts” line when talking about rice balls.

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As the Pokémon franchise became a global phenomenon, those responsible for the anime and video games worked hard to make sure that the series was as acceptable to run in every region. However, a few mistakes still slip through from time to time. The most recent case of censorship in the Pokémon anime happened in the twenty-third and twenty-fourth episodes of the Pokémon Journeys series. According to the Pokémon Dub Twitter account, a train station timekeeper had his mustache removed in the dub, which was likely due to the fact that it resembled the one worn by Adolf Hitler.

It’s a bizarre oversight, especially in this day and age. Surely someone on the anime production team noticed this character and commented that he might cause issues in the international release of the series? Apparently not, which is why the Pokémon anime has been censored once more.

A lot of the inappropriate material that was censored in the early seasons of the Pokémon anime was understandable, as the series was originally only meant for the Japanese market, which has different standards when compared to TV shows in Europe and North America. It seems that there is still some tone-deaf people on the production staff of the anime, otherwise, we wouldn’t have seen blackface in a Pokémon episode as recently as 2018, as was the case with the Pokémon Sun & Moon season.

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