Pokemon Fan Has Already Created Footage Of Greavard In The Original Games

Pokemon Fan Has Already Created Footage Of Greavard In The Original Games

The Scarlet & Violet reveals continued on Tuesday as the launch of the next generation of Pokemon games grows near. This week's reveal arrived in the form of Greavard, a ghost dog that will be introduced as a part of gen nine. Just hours after Greavard was first shown off, someone managed to reimagine what the Pokemon would have looked like if introduced via a 2D game.

Sindorman's animation begins with the trainer discovering a candle curiously sticking out of the ground. When approached, it becomes clear that the candle is actually the one attached to Greavard's head. The ghost Pokemon pops out of the ground and a battle begins. However, before the trainer can unleash a Pokemon to fight their corner, Greavard's powers deal some damage.

Greavard sacrifices some of its own HP so that it can place a curse on the trainer. That's inspired by the effect Greavard was shown to have during its Scarlet & Violet reveal this week. The trainer behind the camera couldn't help but make a fuss of the cute new Pokemon. However, the more attention they paid to the dog, the weaker they became until they eventually passed out.

As has been the case with a number of ghost-type Pokemon throughout the series' history, while they might look harmless and even friendly, some of them are deadly. Not just to your Pokemon, but to trainers too. Beware candles sticking out of the ground when you play Scarlet & Violet as if you get too close, Greavard might suck the life right out of you.

Launching on November 18, there's now less than a month to go until Scarlet & Violet arrive on Nintendo Switch. Last week, it was revealed players won't need to avoid the gaze of rival trainers if they don't want to battle them. You will actually have to approach and engage other people if you want to pit your Pokemon against them. It has also been leaked that the games will introduce six and seven-star raids, although that is yet to be officially confirmed.

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