Pokemon Fans Debate The Best Route To Take In Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Fans Debate The Best Route To Take In Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet gave players something many of them have been requesting for years. An open world Pokemon game. A dream for some but daunting for others, hence the optional in-game guidance. However, some players have been debating whether the advice is worth following.

If you have played Scarlet & Violet you'll know the Pokemon Centers' Nurse Joy doesn't just heal your Pokemon. If you're overwhelmed with the options available in terms of where to go next, Joy will recommend a location and mark it on the map. However, Scary-Rabbit4360 doesn't think Joy knows what she's on about.

In fact, the Pokemon player has gone as far as to label what they believe is the correct order to tackle the game's objectives. The opening section of the game kicks off by giving you gyms to visit, Titans to defeat, and Team Star bases to overthrow. While you can visit any locations from each of the three groups in any order, going to certain places early on will leave you battling overpowered Pokemon and getting quickly overwhelmed.

On top of that, if you miss a low-level gym or Star base early on, visiting it later in the game might be a little easy and perhaps even somewhat boring. According to the post above, and a lot of its replies, you run the risk of both those eventualities if you follow Joy's advice. Rather than recommending where would be best to go next based on your level and what you've achieved so far, the nurse will simply point you in the direction of whatever challenge is closest at the time.

If you have visited two Pokemon Centers between tasks and asked for advice at each, you may well have discovered that for yourselves. If you have been experiencing some of the above, maybe give the unofficial order posted on Reddit a try. Credit to Pokemon as Scarlet & Violet was its first crack at the open world formula, and while it's okay for a first try, players will likely expect something a little more complex should Game Freak stick with it for whatever's next.

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