Pokemon Fans Discuss Which ‘Mon They Want Erased From Existence

Pokemon Fans Discuss Which ‘Mon They Want Erased From Existence

Pokemon fans have been discussing which Pokemon they want to be erased from existence, provoking a heated debate on the social media platform Reddit. The conversation remains ongoing, so opinions can still be expressed, but a couple of contenders have already emerged.

The news comes from the user on Reddit going by the name of Decent_Ad_0 who asked the apparently simple question “if you could erase one Pokemon from existence entirely, what would it be?” The user added “as in fully erased. Nobody remembers it, no game has it, not in any media, it essentially doesn't or never has existed. You can include the evolutions if you want, or if it has any.”

Decent_Ad_0 put forward Rattata. “Have Raticate be a single stage for good measure,” the user explained. “Raticate is like… just decent enough to live. Mostly because of Alolan Raticate. I could probably pick more, but the rule is only one Pokemon.”

Several different Pokemon have been proposed, but the most popular Pokemon for this dubious distinction appear to be Pikablue, described as “too horrible to survive” by the user known as Kidra31r, along with Enamorus which “hurt me emotionally trying to catch it,” at least according to the user called J063whytho.

This comes in the wake of another great debate concerning the best team of all time for the Pokemon Trainer Ash. The user going by the name of Postalraccoon apparently believes that both Greninja and Lucario deserve a mention, the former being "the most impressive individual Pokemon we’ve seen in the anime" and the latter having helped Ash become a World Champion in Journeys. Dracovish also picked up some praise, the user known as Iamthatguy54 for example noting how this particular Pokemon was the "only non-ace that defeated Leon's Rillaboom."

While several different Pokemon have entered the discussion, practically everyone seems to be in agreement over Pikachu, Charizard, and of course Greninja. Where the conversation goes from here remains to be seen.

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