Pokémon GO: Giovanni’s January Lineup & Best Party To Win

Pokémon GO: Giovanni’s January Lineup & Best Party To Win

Pokémon GO‘s version of the infamous Team Rocket boss Giovanni is changing up his team again, and that means trainers have to change up their teams to meet him. The January 2020 update gives him Moltres, which seems like good news for trainers. However, the other party members might make for a troublesome fight.

Moltres’ Fire/Flying typing makes it doubly weak to Rock-type Pokémon. That makes Tyranitar, which everyone should have raised by this point, a great pick. If you haven’t already, go dump some Stardust and Candy into powering up your best Tyranitar. That dino will take care of battling needs for months, if not years. The rest of Giovanni’s party won’t go down so easily, so let’s break down the options.

 Best Giovanni Counters

As said before, Tyranitar is one of the best Pokémon to bring against Giovanni. It can resist Persian’s moves thanks to its Rock/Dark typing and will also shred Moltres with Rock-type attacks.

Another useful Pokémon to bring along would be a Fighting-type. Lucario is always viable thanks to its secondary Steel typing, which lets it resist both Persian and Kangaskhan’s attacks. It will also prove useful against Cloyster. Machamp can also lay down some damage, although it won’t tank as well.

Things start to get difficult when Giovanni throws Garchomp into the mix. Its unique Dragon/Ground typing pretty much demands you counter it with an Ice-type. Articuno is a great choice, but it won’t fare well against Moltres so be ready to switch. A Dragonite with Dragon-type moves is another good Garchomp counter, and it can also tank Kangaskhan fairly well.

Finally, if you don’t have a good Tyranitar or yours faints early in the battle, you’ll want to bring a Rock-type for Moltres. Rhyperior and Golem are both great picks.

Possible Teams

So in the end, your team should look something like this: Lucario, Dragonite, and Tyranitar. Machamp can go in the first slot if Lucario is unavailable, and Golem can replace Tyranitar in pinch. The second Pokémon will have to be flexible depending on what Giovanni throws out for his second. Dragonite is solid, but will go down fast to that Cloyster. That’s where those Fighting-types come in. Just try to balance between tank and fast attacks, hit those charged attacks as soon as they come off cooldown, and keep fighting!

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