Pokémon GO’s Shared AR Buddy Feature Is Now Live

Pokémon GO’s Shared AR Buddy Feature Is Now Live

Pokémon GO keeps rolling out the new features. Earlier this week saw the release of the Buddy Adventure system that lets players take their Pokémon for a walk. The function is reminiscent of the way trainers can walk around with Pokémon in HeartGold/SoulSilver and Let’s Go! And like Sun/Moon, Pokémon GO Buddy Adventure lets players take an up-close look at their Pokémon to pet them and feed them using the touch screen. Now, Niantic added its own touch to the idea by letting players team up to take group pics with their Pokémon.

The new expansion to Buddy Adventure is called Shared AR. As the name implies, it lets multiple players use the AR function to create a shared space for their buddy Pokémon. Once established, everyone’s phone will show the Pokémon running around in the real world. They can be fed, but the big selling point is picture taking. Niantic’s Twitter announcement of Shared AR features a video where players take a group photo with Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

Shared AR started with a quick beta. During the beta period, dedicated players shared their first experiences in the Silph Road subreddit. According to these accounts, it takes some work to get the AR started. In order to bring the shared space to life, players need to do things like stand in a line and move their phones in sync. Then, as the Niantic video shows, players will tap the screen to “throw” a Poké Ball and make their critter appear.

Gameplay-wise, the feature doesn’t seem to add much. Players can feed berries to their Pokémon, but not other trainers’. Shared AR probably also counts for the “Take a Snapshot” and “Play” activities that give a buddy hearts. For what it lacks, though, it seems to deliver in sheer novelty. There was a flurry of photos being shared when Pokémon GO first introduced AR picture-taking. We’re sure to see a resurgence of that now that people can take group selfies with their trusty Pokémon.

If you turn on Pokémon GO and don’t see the Shared AR feature, you may need to download a small update. Aside from that, as long as you’re above level two, have fun taking selfies with Dunsparce!

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