Pokemon Masters EX: 10 Best Support Sync Pairs, Ranked

Pokemon Masters EX: 10 Best Support Sync Pairs, Ranked

Pokemon Masters EX emphasizes careful selection of three Sync Pairs that complement and enhance each other’s abilities in battle. The key to success revolves around selecting the right Support to buff, heal, and protect its teammates. Weather-setting and disrupting the enemy is often a luxury for a Support to offer, making those units especially valuable.

Above all, a Support pair should enable your damage dealer to perform to the absolute best of its capabilities. Some Sync Pairs excel in longer battles, like in Legendary Arenas, while others end battles quickly with hyper-offensive playstyles best suited for Champion Stadium: Master Mode. While team composition is important, the best Support units offer so much versatility that they can carry almost any team to victory.

10 Leaf & Eevee, The Omni-Buffer For Any Occasion

Despite releasing in the game's first six months, Leaf and Eevee remain incredibly flexible with their unique gimmick. Upon using her Sync Move, Eevee recharges move gauges equal to its move level, and buffs your team's Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, Speed, and Accuracy by 2 stages.

Leaf offers Potion healing and instant gauge-replenishment via her Trainer Move, Let's Go!, giving her a well-rounded kit to supplement her 272 Defense, 273 Special Defense, and 800 HP. Her only downside is a lack of Critical Hit Rate buffs, which are crucial to ensuring that your striker is dealing maximum damage.

9 Fall Caitlin & Mega Sableye, A Defensive Juggernaut

If you're looking for protection from both Physical and Special Attacks, then look no further than Caitlin & Sableye. Her kit greatly raises Attack, Defense and Special Defense, in addition to smaller boosts to Accuracy and Speed. All this ensures you are attacking quickly and precisely.

Sableye flourishes with a Mega Evolution via Sync, as she bumps both of her Defenses from 284 to 340 (with EX), applies both Physical and Special Damage Shields, and heals the team by 20 percent. Caitlin & Sableye offer superior defensive support compared to Leaf, but they also lack Critical Hit buffs and more potent healing.

8 SC Jasmine & Celesteela, A Well-Rounded Special Support

As one of the most formidable Ultra Beasts, Celesteela comes with high expectations — and an even higher Special Defense stat — clocking in at a whopping 376 (after EX). While she is slightly lackluster at base, when fully gridded Celesteela becomes a force deserving of the Ultra Beast title.

Jasmine can maximize her team's Critical Hit Rate, Special Attack, and Special Defense with only two moves when fully gridded, allowing her to start utilizing her Flash Cannon to reduce an opponent's Special Defense. She further secures your team's survival with AoE healing and her passive, Safety Net, which allows each teammate to endure a potential knockout hit. Unfortunately, Jasmine lacks Speed buffs, but more than makes up for it with her Critical Hit buffs and team protection.

7 SS Morty & Shiny Ho-Oh, It's Always Sunny in Johto

As one of only a handful of weather-setting Supports in the game, Ho-Oh asserts itself as one of the premier choices for both offense and defense. In addition to Sunny Day's boost to Fire-type attacks, using it will raise your team's Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, and Speed by one rank via Morty's passive skill, Group Afflicter Advantage 1.

Morty's Trainer Move accelerates the Move Gauge and raises Special Defense, Defense, Speed, and, if it's sunny, Critical Hit Rate — each by one. Combine Morty's Potion and Team Sunbathe 9 passive, which heals in Sun, and your team will be safely picking off opponents without threat. While his stat buffing doesn't max Attack nor Special Attack, Sunny Day should help Fire-types deal more than sufficient damage.

6 Red & Snorlax, Massive Damage On-Demand

The series' most famous protagonist returns with his Snorlax, and they're stronger than ever. This duo brings a different approach to the Support role via Red's unique Trainer Move. You and Me! reduces the Sync move countdown by one, raises Critical Hit Rate by two, and applies the Supereffective Up Next effect on an ally — something no other Support can do.

Both Red's Trainer Move and his Mini Potion All can be refreshed via grid and Snorlax's Dynamax Move, Max Replenish, guaranteeing at least three uses for each. Red can also lower an opponent's defense and paralyze with Rock Smash and Body Slam respectively. Unlike more traditional Supports, Red only offers a chance to raise your defenses, so he can be a liability in longer battles unless properly supported.

5 Spring Burgh & Togepi, RNG Buffs for Everyone

Burgh & Togepi are a jack-of-all-trades Support with a luck-based gimmick, offering buffs to both Defenses — raising each by 1-3 ranks per use. Togepi also has a 60 percent chance to raise the team's Attack, Special Attack, or both, every time it's hit.

Luckily, Burgh's most reliable qualities are his Critical Hit buffs and Potion — the latter benefiting from two MP Refresh tiles in his grid, which helps to sustain the slower playstyle required to fully buff your team. Lastly, Togepi's Catalyst gives it Move Gauge Acceleration on Sync, alleviating the burden from its below average speed stat and rounding out its diverse kit. Togepi is a much safer choice than more specialized Supports, like Red.

4 Lillie & Polteageist, Healing That Never Ends

Polteageist is an exceptional Special Support similar to Celesteela, and boasts the most consistent healing in the game to separate itself from the competition. Lillie's passive, Team Triage Tank 9, guarantees she will heal every time she is hit, and her Team Fist Bump 1 has a chance to heal when she attacks.

Her array of Special Attack, Special Defense, and Critical Hit buffs enable your offense quickly while Lillie tanks damage and keeps Potion in her back pocket for emergencies. Unlike Burgh, Lillie has only one element of RNG as she can set a field effect at random using her Trainer Move, including a five percent chance to set Ghost Zone, which boosts all Ghost-type attacks.

3 Sonia & Yamper, A Trainer's Best Buffing Friend

While technically a Physical Support, Yamper transcends this label with a kit that combines exceptional buffing, debuffing, healing, and disruption: an unprecedented consolidation of roles. Each attack lowers your opponent's Defense due to her Defense Crush 9 passive, while simultaneously raising your team's Speed.

When fully gridded, Yamper is near-unstoppable. Sonia's Potions can be used often due to her two MP Refresh tiles, and her attacks can either Paralyze or Flinch opponents, crippling their effectiveness. Her Attack, Defense, Critical Hit, and Speed buffs give your team everything it needs to knock out your weakened opponents in a flash. Yamper shines as it blends the abiliites of multiple units, like Togepi and Leaf, with incredibe effectivness.

2 Ingo & Excadrill, All Aboard The Sandman Express

When it comes to role consolidation, it is impossible not to mention Ingo and Excadrill with their fearsome Sandstorm. With one use of Sandstorm, Ingo's passives combine to raise the teams Attack, Special Attack, and Speed while bestowing a 30 percent bonus to both of Ingo's Defenses while the Sandstorm is active.

Ingo's Trainer Move finishes maxing the aforementioned stats, raises Critical Hit Rate, and gives each teammate a completely gauge-free move on their next attack — preserving gauges for more follow-ups. He even debuffs the opponent's Accuracy via Mud-Slap, making Ingo a must-have for any Ground or Rock team.

1 SS Blue & Blastoise, Tank, Heal, Buff, Win

Blastoise continues to defend its crown as the gold standard for all Supports to measure themselves against. Blastoise rolls the tankiness of Ho-Oh, the heals of Polteageist, and the buffs of Togepi into one extraordinary package. Blastoise's passive skills take care of both offensive and defensive buffs in addition to applying Endurance to the team via Safety Net, one of Jasmine & Celesteela's best qualiites.

Blue's Trainer Move applies Move Gauge Acceleration, raises Critical Hit Rate, and it can raise Speed via grid. Blastoise's grid is everything you want from a Support: it shrugs off any status conditions using Quick Cure and Natural Remedy passives, and heals with Team Fist Bump 2 and Team Triage Tank 2. Slot this unit into your team and enjoy the battle, because victory is almost guaranteed.

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