Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Best Fairy-Types

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Best Fairy-Types

The Fairy-type is the most recent addition to the Pokemon type chart, and it boasts a large host of classics who acquired the type over time and neat newcomers who exemplify what a Fairy can be. Dragons quake at their very presence.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet feature a large roster of great Fairy-type Pokemon, and it's a really great idea to include at least one of them on your team – Fairy is a balanced type with the ability to tear down Dragons and resist annoying Fighting-types.

10/10 Florges

Back when we were first introduced to the Fairy type, Florges was the archetypical example that all others were compared to – the Gardevoir of Kalos, you might say. With beauty and a high sense of elegance, its design is top-tier.

It's great, then, that Florges also makes for a very good addition to a competent team. A Moonblast from a Florges is bound to make a nasty dent in any opponent that doesn't resist Fairy-type moves, and it's a specially defensive powerhouse to boot. Unfortunately, the majority of the enemies you come across in Scarlet & Violet are physically aligned, making Florges' immense Special Defense less useful.

9/10 Hatterene

From the Gardevoir of Kalos to the Gardevoir of Galar, Hatterene is an imposing presence with dual Fairy and Psychic-typing. As you can ell by the name, Hatterene's hat is of utmost important, giving the design a fittingly witchy vibe.

Where Florges was more defensive, Hatterene leans more to the offensive side, with a huge Special Attack stat and a repertoire of hard-hitting moves. Arm a Hatterene with Calm Mind and you have yourself a total powerhouse.

8/10 Grimmsnarl

Grimmsnarl is based on those impish fairies from British folklore, something evident in its access to the Prankster ability, which gives its status moves priority. This is something Grimmsnarl can use to great advantage with fantastic moves like Flatter, Trick, and Parting Shot – Grimmsnarl can become a brutally effective support Pokemon.

That's not to say Grimmsnarl doesn't pose a more conventional threat – with a high Attack stat and a wide range of moves to choose from, no one is truly safe from his eternally-grinning folkloric fiend. Scarlet & Violet gave Grimmsnarl an almost-unique move in Spirit Break, a very hard-hitting Fairy move that can reduce an opponent's Special Attack. Used strategically, this can seriously disrupt a foe's plans.

7/10 Azumarill

There are a lot of Water-type Pokemon with round bodies and a calming blue coloration, and Azumarill pairs this with an adorable smile and rabbit ears. That's a total ten out of ten in design, and it's good news, then, that using Azumarill on a serious team is totally viable.

While Thick Fat and Sap Sipper are good defensive abilities for Azumarill, it really shines when it has the Huge Power ability. This will double its Attack stat, making it a pretty viable attacker right from the start with moves like Play Rough, Aqua Jet, and Rollout.

6/10 Gardevoir

Gardevoir is the… uh… Gardevoir of Hoenn. Since the third generation of Pokemon, Gardevoir has been a fan favorite thanks to its cool design, great movepool, and great efficacy as a special attacker. The addition of the Fairy typing boosted Gardevoir a lot, giving it access to a large host of useful moves like Draining Kiss.

Gardevoir has the same typing and fills a similar niche as Hatterene. While Hatterene has a far higher Special Attack stat, it also has an abysmal Speed stat, almost guaranteeing that it'll have more trouble surviving. Gardevoir doesn't share this flaw, which is why it's this much higher up in this list.

5/10 Mimikyu

Is there anything more adorably depressing than a Pokemon who wants to be popular so much that it changes is entire appearance? Mimikyu is extraordinarily compelling thanks to the bundles of personality it exhibits and the incredibly versatile dual Ghost and Fairy-typing.

When you add in Mimikyu's great Attack stat and versatile movepool, you have a done deal. This impostor Pokemon can sweep entire teams with its hard-hitting attacking moves and its unique Disguise ability will keep it safe from potential threats as it tries to set up with Hone Claws or, preferably, Swords Dance.

4/10 Iron Valiant

Iron Valiant is the Gardevoir of the future. There, I said it.

Iron Valiant is the first paradox Pokemon on this list, and can only be caught naturally in Pokemon Violet – if you want one in Scarlet, you'll have to trade for it. The fact that this is a Pokemon/robot hybrid from the future instantly gives Iron Valiant cool points, but its design elevates it to new heights – the blade arms are reminiscent of Gallade, while the petal-like skirt is similar to Gardevoir's mega evolution, representing a blend of the two iconic Pokemon.

As far as stats go, Iron Valiant is a beast. With high Attack, Special Attack, and Speed, this paradoxical Pokemon can thrive with any moveset, and it has a ton of fantastic moves to choose from, like Close Combat, Moonblast, Psycho Cut, and Spirit Break, a move that Iron Valiant shares only with Grimmsnarl.

3/10 Scream Tail

Scarlet & Violet did something truly impressive in making Jigglypuff look badass, and they gave it one of the best support movepools in the game with awesome picks like Wish, Stealth Rock, and Calm Mind. Scream Tail will shine amazingly in fights against trainers with lots of Pokemon, as it'll be able to outlast most threats.

While it would be more useful with higher offensive stats, Scream Tail is a great late game pick if you want to try out a paradox Pokemon. As opposed to Iron Valiant, Scream Tail is only accessible for those with Pokemon Scarlet.

2/10 Tinkaton

Is Tinkaton just a meme, or does it have some genuine power behind that hammer? Well, the answer is both. You can't deny that a ton of Tinkaton's appeal comes from its brutal Pokedex entries (in which it has a natural enmity for Corviknight) contrasted with its adorable appearance, but with one of the most powerful moves in the game in Gigaton Hammer, Tinktaton represents a very real threat whenever you see one.

Do yourself a favor and try using a Tinkaton. Smacking down far stronger Pokemon with a single strike is very satisfying, and backing Gigaton Hammer up with tough moves like Play Rough, Skitter Smack, and Ice Hammer (through picnicking with Crabominable) is an easy win-button.

1/10 Flutter Mane

Are you familiar with the term 'Glass Cannon?' If you're not, let me introduce you to Flutter Mane, the strongest cannon made of the most fragile glass. With absolutely tremendous Special Attack and Speed, this Scarlet-exclusive paradox Pokemon might never have to worry about being defensive – your opponents might fall like dominoes before they get a chance to strike back.

With a fantastic movepool filled to the brim with coverage special attacks, including the rare Mystical Fire and Power Gem, Flutter Mane truly has an answer for every question you throw at it, and with Scarlet & Violet's flexible move relearning, you're never short of those answers.

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