Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Leak Seems To Confirm Paradox Virizion And Suicune Typing

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Leak Seems To Confirm Paradox Virizion And Suicune Typing

A pair of leaked Pokemon Scarlet & Violet moves will seemingly belong to the long-rumoured Paradox forms of Virizion and Suicune, hinting at what their new Types will be. The names of the moves in question, Psyblade and Hydro Steam, bear a lot of resemblance to the signature moves of Virizion and Suicune, furthering the theory that they will be included in a Scarlet & Violet update in Paradox forms.

Psyblade is, presumably, a Psychic-Type move. With Virizion's signature move being Sacred Sword, it seems likely that this will be its new move in Scarlet & Violet, thus making it a Grass/Psychic Type. Similarly, Hydro Steam is almost definitely a Fire-Type move, and one specifically made for a Water/Fire hybrid. This would fit Suicune perfectly, with its previous signature move being Aurora Beam, and making the Gen 2 Legendary a Water and Fire Type.

According to Centro Leaks, this news comes courtesy of the Pokemon team builder used in competitive play. Another Twitter user also shared a screenshot of unreleased Pokemon sprites spotted during the San Diego Regional Championships stream.

This then led to more digging, with others finding the moves Psyblade and Hydro Steam listed on the RK9 Pokemon team building tool. They are still there at the time of writing.

Now, everything after this is pure speculation. However, as we mentioned before, these new moves would perfectly fit in with Paradox forms of Virizion and Suicune, so many have their heart set on that being the answer. There is no official confirmation right now, and it's unlikely that The Pokemon Company will comment until it is ready to add the new 'Mons into the game.

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