Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Player Finds Unused House Interiors

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Player Finds Unused House Interiors

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet didn't have many interiors – there's your house, your rival's, sandwich shops, and the ones that are expressed via menus and marked by welcome mats. There are far fewer than in previous games, but data miners have found evidence that, during development, more were planned.

Lewto tweeted out a couple of screenshots showing a house interior, specifically the living room. We can see mirrors and artwork on the walls, a coffee table on top of a rug, a sofa, a chair, a fireplace, and a TV – it's nothing remarkable, but it's also evidently not a service spot. It's a simple enough interior, like the many we visited in previous Pokemon games. Maybe we'd find an old man inside with his daughter, asking us to trade 'mons.

Scarlet & Violet also has a glitched door in Porto Marinada that you can get through, and beyond it is a loading zone. Combined with new photos of cut interiors, it's likely that Game Freak originally planned to have more visitable homes, much as with previous games. Given that Scarlet & Violet is open-world, it's also likely that the idea was scrapped simply due to time constraints.

Some of the commenters are trying to piece together who might live in this house, seeing if it has any important details in the background. On the bookshelf, you can see a Dawn and Sun Stone, with one person theorising that it means the home must belong to Tyme. They're the former Gym Leader of Montenevera, now teaching maths at the Naranja Academy.

Another dataminer dug further into the scrapped interiors, finding a hallway connected to a kitchen and another living room-like area, as well as a full house showing stairs, a bedroom, a kitchen, another living room, and a hallway. There's also what looks to be a scrapped restaurant, with a till at the front and various seats along the walls. There's also one that they theorise to be a beta gym building, though the textures are unfinished.

Going back to the first set of interior screenshots, there is a whole bunch of pickaxes hung up on the wall as decoration. This likely means that the house would be found in Zapapico, which unfortunately clashes with it possibly being Ryme's home. Though maybe she just has a penchant for pickaxes and it is in fact Montenevera. Three on the wall is a bit much wherever you are, mining town or not.

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