Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Next Trailer Will Debut Tomorrow

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Next Trailer Will Debut Tomorrow

Pokemon trainers will head to Paldea for the first time when Scarlet & Violet launch next month. More information regarding what exactly will be awaiting them will be revealed on October 6 as a new trailer for the games will debut at 9 am EST.

“Calling all Trainers—a new Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet trailer arrives tomorrow,” Pokemon tweeted. No fear of anything being delayed for British fans this time around after Nintendo's most recent Direct was shown an hour later than everywhere else out of respect for the Queen who passed away the week prior.

Tomorrow's trailer will likely include a fair bit of new information about the next games in Pokemon's main series. Most of the trailers that have come before it have revealed at least one or two new Pokemon who will be ushered in next month as a part of gen nine. It's highly likely Wiglett will make an appearance or two having been revealed last month, but didn't get the chance to shine in an official trailer.

The revolving door that has been which new Pokemon do people love the most may well be spun again too. When Lechonk was revealed earlier this year, it seemed incredibly unlikely any Pokemon revealed as a part of gen nine would top it. That was until Fidough was shown off for the very first time. Give Pokemon fans a cute dog made of bread and it'll quickly make them forget about the adorable pig they were obsessed with moments before.

A lot of information has already been revealed about Scarlet & Violet. Its new legendaries will double as bikes, those bikes can be ridden anywhere you like right from the start, and you can also partake in wild auto-battles. As for what awaits you beyond the next games, a recent survey asked fans if they would like to see more open world stuff from Pokemon, or if trainers prefer the linear approach.

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