Pokemon Sword and Shield release date news, new trailer and more Pokemon coming May 14th?

Pokemon Sword and Shield release date news, new trailer and more Pokemon coming May 14th?

Pokemon Sword and Shield were announced earlier this year, and since we saw the game revealed we’ve not heard developer Game Freak or publisher Nintendo so much as mention the title again.

If we’re working on previous Pokemon releases, we can at least expect another info dump soon – that’s if we go by what PokeJungle is saying, anyway.

The site’s Discord moderators have researched the previous marketing campaigns for Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon X and Y to see if there could be any correlation with the Sword and Shield rollout… and we may be in luck. 

The conclusion PokeJungle has come to is that we may get some more information on the Pokemon 2019 RPG on May 14. For anyone not keeping track of the date, that’s tomorrow!

But why are players thinking we could get more information on that date specifically?

Well, Pokemon X & Y got their second trailer on May 14, whilst Sun & Moon second trailer was released on May 10.

Despite those being two different dates, both generation’s games second trailers dropped on the second Tuesday of May. This date sort-of correlates with a Sword and Shield leak we saw at the start of May that suggested we’ll be seeing the game’s boxart leak on May 15.

Here’s the apparent schedule we can look forward to:

  • May 15  Corocoro reveal of the box art
  • June 27 – A panel at Salt Lake City Comic Con
  • July 10 – Gen 8 Funko Pops
  • July 20 – A panel at San Diego Comic Con
  • August 29 – Panel at a PAX
  • September 12 to 14 – Tokyo Game Show
  • September 15 – More reveals from Corocoro magazine
  • October 4 – New York Comic Con and a promotional tour
  • October 11 – More promotional tours, one in Europe and the other in one of the Americas
  • October 12 – Panel at PAX Australia and an Australian promotional tour
  • November 2 – Nintendo and Game Freak event at EGX Berlin
  • November 15 to 20  Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Release Date

The original schedule was posted in Japanese, perhaps lending a little bit of credence to the rumour, but it’s worth noting a healthy number of errors in the post. 

Errors like the dates being posted in American format, the variety of spellings and ways to which Sword and Shield are referred, and some odd katakana quirks, too.

At least we don’t have too long to wait to find out whether or not this is complete nonsense: if the CoroCoro reveal of the game’s box art (and therefore the game’s legendary Pokemon) does happen on May 15, we’ll revisit this rumour with a less dubious eye.

The second trailer can reveal the game’s legendaries, it could reveal more about the region, it could reveal some of the gimmicks we’ll see this gen – there’s no set formula to what the second trailer announces usually, but we’ll see more – theoretically – later this week.

Whether that comes with a release date drop too remains to be seen… but we’re being cautiously optimistic.

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