Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Catch, Train, And Evolve Galarian Ponyta

Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Catch, Train, And Evolve Galarian Ponyta

One of the coolest new Pokemon in Sword & Shield is Galarian Rapidash, a regional variant of the classic Kanto fire horse. In Galar, Rapidash still evolves from Ponyta, but the pair of them are no longer Fire-type. Galarian Ponyta is a Psychic-type, while Galarian Rapidash is Psychic/Fairy-type.

If you’re looking to add Ponyta and Rapidash to your team, you’ll want to check where to catch it and then train it properly to take advantage of its stat distribution and typing. Here’s everything you need to know about Galarian Ponyta.

Where to Catch Galarian Ponyta

First, you’ll need to catch Galarian Ponyta. This Pokemon is exclusive to Pokemon Shield as a wild spawn, so players with Sword will need to find someone with Shield to trade with.

If you do have Shield, head to Glimwood Tangle. Here, Ponyta can be found as a random encounter in the grass. It only has a 10% chance to spawn, so you might need to search for a little while.

Purchase the Crown Tundra Expansion Pass, and you can find Ponyta there as well. When the weather is foggy in the Old Cemetery, Ponyta has a 10% chance to appear as an overworld spawn. Rapidash can also appear here as a wandering spawn.

How to Evolve It

Luckily, evolving Ponyta is pretty straightforward. Galarian Ponyta evolves into Rapidash at level 40. In Sword & Shield, there are many fast, easy ways to level up your Pokemon, so this shouldn’t take too long.

This is the same evolution method as Kantonian Ponyta. Both forms of Ponyta will evolve at level 40, which is interesting, given that many regional variants have different evolution methods than their original forms.


Ponyta has a different typing in its regional form. In Galar, Ponyta are Psychic-types, unlike their Fire-type Kantonian counterparts.

Additionally, upon evolution, Galarian Ponyta differs from its Kantonian variant in that it picks up a new type. While Kantonian Rapidash remains pure Fire-type, Galarian Rapidash is a Psychic/Fairy dual-type.

This is a pretty decent type combination, with the Fairy-type removing Psychic’s Bug and Dark weaknesses. However, it picks up Poison-type and Steel-type weaknesses. The combination does give it the Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) for more moves, though, which should not be ignored.


Both Ponyta and Rapidash specialize in certain stats more than others. The two of them have impressive speed stats and physical attack, which may come as a surprise for a Psychic- and Psychic/Fairy-type Pokemon.

Ponyta has a nice speed stat of 85 while Rapidash’s is a cool 105. Ponyta has 90 in physical attack, while Rapidash has an impressive 100 points.

The other stats are decent, but speed and attack are definitely where they excel. For HP, Ponyta has 50 while Rapidash has 65; in defense, Ponyta has an okay 55 while Rapidash gets a bump to 70; in special attack and special defense, Ponyta has 65 for both, and Rapidash has 80 for both.


When it comes to choosing the right moves, you want to focus on taking advantage of these horses’ physical attack and cover their weaknesses as well.

For Ponyta, a move like Zen Headbutt is great. It’s a fantastic Psychic-type physical move, giving it both STAB and making use of Ponyta’s attack stat. It can learn this move from TR69. Psychic makes for a great special alternative to the physical Zen Headbutt.

Dazzling Gleam can make for a good counter to Dark-types, while Mystical Fire poses problems for Bug-types.

It’s also a good idea to give Ponyta a non-damaging move like Protect, Morning Sun, or Calm Mind.

As for Rapidash, you’ll definitely want to give it some coverage moves against pesky Steel-types, like High Horsepower or Bulldoze. Add in Play Rough as a physical Fairy move to really make use of the physical stat. This can also be taken advantage of with a physical Psychic-type move, like Zen Headbutt or Psycho Cut. Good old Psychic is also a great move that never lets you down.

Throw in a move like Calm Mind, Agility, or Swords Dance, and your opponents will be in trouble.

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