Pokemon Sword & Shield: Where To Find The Missing Minccino

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Where To Find The Missing Minccino

Like the many Pokemon games that came before, Sword and Shield are both packed with side quests for you to do. Some of these can be quite lengthy and earn you great rewards, while others serve simply as quick, fun challenges to do as you explore the region, rarely earning you anything special.

Motostoke's missing Minccino is an example of the latter. While the bounty earned for completing the task isn't particularly exciting, it's a fun little tangent to go off on as you explore Galar. If you're having trouble finding exactly where the mischievous Minccino is, you're in luck, as this guide will have everything you need to know about its location.

Pokemon Sword And Shield – Minccino Location

To start the Minccino side quest, if you haven't already, head to the left of Motostoke's stadium. Just past the hotel, you'll find what is presumably a mum and her twins walking along the path.

Talk to the boy on the left, and he'll tell you he's lost his Minccino, at which point you can offer to help.

He'll tell you what sound the Minccino makes, as well as that it likes water and the sound of whistling. Go back towards the stadium and make your way over to the fountain on the left-hand side of the stadium's entrance.

You'll hear the "mworp" sound the boy described, so stand right next to the fountain, whistle, and the Minccino will pop out.

It'll go back to the boy, and if you return to speak to him, he'll reward you with some throat spray. That's about all there is to this quest, but one thing to note is that if you try the fountain on the right before going to the Minccino's actual location, you'll find a man who likes swimming in there…

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