Prime Gaming Subscribers Can Pick Up New Apex Legends And Rocket Arena Skins

Prime Gaming Subscribers Can Pick Up New Apex Legends And Rocket Arena Skins

Prime Gaming members are going to be getting a brand-new Apex Legends skin for Bloodhound. That’s in addition to getting Rocket Arena for free along with 30 other classic titles.

Formally known as Twitch Prime, Prime Gaming is included if you already have an Amazon Prime membership—no additional purchase necessary. The service launched in 2016 and includes a free Twitch channel subscription as well as 5 free PC games every month. As with other Amazon products, Prime Gaming will also give you access to shopping, Prime Music, Prime Video, and more.

For the rest of the month, Prime Gaming is giving Valorant players a little bit of a leg up in the style department with exclusive access to the Neter Tretter Gun Buddy. If you’re more into classics, the legendary game RuneScape recently got an update that you can check out for free for seven days on Prime Gaming. Keeping your RuneScape account active will also get you access to in-game exclusives throughout the rest of the year. The same goes for Apex Legends—which will see Bloodhound’s skin go live on September 21.

As if all of that weren’t enough, the entire Prime Gaming SNK catalog is free this month, meaning you can play arcade classics like Metal Slug and The King of Fighters to your heart’s content. In case you were wondering, even though each game is free for a limited time, it’s yours to keep forever once you download it.

As we stated earlier, if you have a Prime account, you already have access to Prime Gaming. You’ll just need to head over to that site and sign in with your Prime login credentials. After that, you’ll have access to everything that Prime Gaming has to offer. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you activate your Prime Gaming with your existing Amazon account.

With game streaming looking like the future with Game Pass and Playstation Plus, this is an easy—and “free”—way to take advantage of the things you’re already paying for. With the sheer buying power that Amazon has, you could also see some major exclusives with the service. Time will tell what the future brings, but for now, there is plenty that’s worth taking advantage of.

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