Prince Of Persia Remake Is Not Coming To Nintendo Switch, Leak Was Incorrect

Prince Of Persia Remake Is Not Coming To Nintendo Switch, Leak Was Incorrect

There’s been a lot of Prince of Persia talk lately. First, there was the Prince of Persia 6 website that got registered in May which made us think that a brand new Prince of Persia game was coming, and then in August a Guatemalan retailer put up a listing for a Prince of Persia remake. They didn’t say which Prince of Persia would be remade, although the store also posted an image of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones and also noted two listings for a PS4 and Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Just last week we were told that all will be revealed on September 10th during Ubisoft’s next Forward Livestream. And now we’re being told from a credible source that the Nintendo Switch version was entirely wrong and that the PS4 version might also be the wrong platform.

Our credible source is Daniel Ahmad, industry analyst and often the guy in the know spitting out truths on Twitter. He responded to someone posting an image from the Amazon UK store about an “Ubisoft Switch Game,” saying it was just for Immortals: Fenyx Rising and it had nothing to do with Prince of Persia.

“Nope. Not on Switch,” Ahamd said definitively. But what about that Guatemalan retailer from earlier in August?

“That leak was wrong in terms of platform and date,” he replied. So, no Prince of Persia remake for the Switch, but maybe still for the PS4. And if the November 10th date was wrong, then maybe a little bit later in the year but still in time for Christmas. We all know how games publishers like to have their stuff out in time for the holidays.

Ubisoft Forward is set to arrive tomorrow, so we’re likely to find out then if there’s a Prince in waiting. Until then, we’ll just have to pine softly through a parted window as we watch the Arabian sunset one more time.

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