PS Plus September 2020: How long until Fall Guys is replaced on PlayStation Plus?

PS Plus September 2020: How long until Fall Guys is replaced on PlayStation Plus?

The PS Plus free games for August are sticking around for some time but it won’t be long before they are replaced with something new on PS4. Gamers can download the two current PlayStation Plus games, which includes Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The good news is that Fall Guys and COD will remain available for several more weeks and we know exactly when the PSN refresh will happen.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be available to download Tuesday, August 4, until Monday, August 31.

We would expect that the next PS Plus free games to be announced in the coming weeks, followed by the new titles going live on September 1.

For now, there have been no leaks or hints suggesting what could be coming next for PlayStation Plus.

And with some games to pick from, it’s hard to work out what could be coming next.

Fall Guys was a surprise inclusion, as was MW2 Remastered, meaning that there could be plenty more in the months to come.

For those who might have missed its launch, Fall Guys is a new kind of Battle Royale where players must makes it through zany courses and levels. Some of these pits you against each other, while others make you work in teams. It’s proven a huge hit on Steam and it looks like a lot of gamers are enjoying it on PS4.

It should be noted that Fall Guys is a paid game usually, meaning that it will cost money to buy on PS4 after August 2020. And when it does, you will need to have a PS Plus subscription to Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout on PS4.

Developers Mediatonic are providing plenty of tips on how to boost your chances on winning the final round, some of which you can find below:

1. Dive More

It may look ridiculous, but the Fall Guys’s dive is their secret weapon in the pursuit of victory. Pressing SQUARE will fling your Fall Guy forwards onto their belly, and this can be used in all manner of locations to gain the upper hand! For example, diving across the finish line of a race Round can shave precious milliseconds off your time and can be the difference between elimination and qualification (plus it just looks cool).

On top of that dive can be used to dodge incoming projectiles, to knock over other Fall Guys, or even comboed with a jump to gain extra air time. If your Fall Guy isn’t spending half the level picking themselves up off the floor you’re doing it wrong, so dive whenever possible!

2. Let Others Fail for You

Although ultimate glory is always the goal, sometimes it pays to be sneaky and let others pave your way to victory.

Trying hanging back on race Rounds like Door Dash or Tip Toe, where Fall Guys must work together to figure out a safe route to the finish line. Once the golden route becomes apparent, simply clamber over the chaos they’ve created and waltz your way to qualification in style while they wonder where on earth it all went wrong.

3. Make Friends (Then Betray Them)

In Fall Guys there can only be one winner, but it pays to make alliances along the way. Rounds like See Saw need Fall Guys to work together and balance their way to the finish line, and Egg Scramble requires a perfect combination of egg protectors and stealers to avoid coming last.

By the time you reach a final round like Hex-a-gone your competitors might think you’ve got a soft spot for them, which will only make it sweeter when cut off their path and send them falling to their elimination in the slime below.

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