PS4 and Xbox Live Free Game ALERT: New F2P launch this week with a PS Plus bonus

PS4 and Xbox Live Free Game ALERT: New F2P launch this week with a PS Plus bonus

Dauntless, the new free-to-play Monster Hunter adventure from developers Phoenix Labs, will be launching fully on PS4 and Xbox One this week.

Having been confirmed earlier this month, the countdown has now begun before the latest free-to-play title launches on PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Dauntless is scheduled to be released on PS4 and Xbox One tomorrow, May 21 and will be a free download.

From what has been shared so far, the new game will require less than 10GB of space on consoles.

And for those on Xbox One, an Xbox Live Gold account will be required for online play.

The good news for PS4 gamers is that PS Plus will not be needed to play Dauntless, a fact confirmed by the dev team earlier in 2018.

Dauntless was initially set to launch on PS4 earlier in 2019 but was delayed at the last minute.

And during that time it was confirmed that an exclusive PS Plus pack was being released with it.

This will only be available to those with an active PS Plus subscription and will contain cosmetic items, potions, and more, which will be found on the PlayStation Store.

Being a F2P title, Dauntless features microtransactions to support it and will also include a special Battle Pass for those who want to unlock new gear.

However, Dauntless doesn’t provide paid-for content that can give you an upper hand, meaning that If you see someone walking around with a high-level weapon or armour set, you can rest assured that they crafted it by defeating Behemoths in the game, and not through a microtransaction.

“The untamed world of Dauntless experienced a cataclysmic event that quite literally shattered the land into disparate islands, and these islands remain afloat thanks to a mysterious energy source known as aether,” a message from Jesse Houston, CEO and co-founder of Phoenix Labs explains.

“Players take on the role of Slayers, brave warriors fighting for humanity’s survival.”

“Completing a hunt nets you valuable resources and materials that you take back to the frontier city of Ramsgate to forge new weapons, armour, supplies, and accessories to take on your next outing. As you progress, you’ll begin harvesting Behemoth parts that imbue elemental attributes and other buffs to your gear, and you can further customise your play-style using the Cell system to socket the way you approach combat and team support.

“The only thing standing in your way of gaining all these resources is…actually taking down the Behemoths.

“We currently have six unique weapon classes, with hundreds of variations and options in each class that can help your prowess depending on the type of Behemoth you’re hunting.

“Customising your loadout and collaborating with your team before heading out on a hunt is paramount to success in Dauntless.”

Dauntless will also be launching fully on PC on May 21, although it will come with some server disruption.

Current players will notice that servers have been taken offline, with the Phoenix Labs development teams confirming it was due to stress test concerns.

“In order to prevent servers from hurting on May 21, we’ve been doing some critical load testing,” a message from Phoenix Labs explains.

“Unfortunately, that testing has proven to be too much for our live servers. To complete our preparations for Tuesday, we need to take our game offline.

“To those of you who are now cut off from finishing your Hunt Pass: We are working on a way to grant you all of the remaining rewards. We still have to work out the specifics, but we’ll share them as soon as they’re good to go.”

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