PS4 Surprise UPDATE: Download a free PlayStation console game bonus TODAY

PS4 Surprise UPDATE: Download a free PlayStation console game bonus TODAY

September has already seen plenty of new PS4 free games and demos added to the PS Store and now more downloads have arrived.

Gamers looking for something new to try out can claim a copy of the Trials Rising Demo right now.

The Ubisoft title is the latest in the Trials franchise, with the full version launching earlier this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

This new demo is designed to give fans a taste of what the stunt racer is like, with the new PSN bonus going live just a few days ago.

It needs just under 8GB of space on your PS4 hard drive, making it a pretty big demo to download and install.

The full game is already available to play and this new demo is a great way of checking out what it’s like.

It doesn’t boast the 100+ tracks the full game has but Ubisoft has provided some top levels to challenge you with.

The trial version of Trials Rising doesn’t have a time limit on it, meaning you can play it as much you want.


However, it is limited in a lot of different ways, including multiplayer modes.

Ubisoft does not provide online support for multiplayer in the Trials Rising demo, although there is some couch co-op available.

For those wanting to know exactly what is included in the Trials demo, you can find the full description from Ubisoft below:

“Play the Trials Rising Demo for free and ride (or crash) your way to greatness in the over-the-top action and physics-bending motorcycle racing franchise.

“All new features, competitions and tracks mean new challenges! So, take the opportunity to have a taste of Trials Rising with this demo and ride a selection of the full game’s exciting tracks– from the Grand Canyon and Hollywood to the Eiffel Tower and others in between.

“Enjoy the new hilarious Tandem Bike mode for offline multiplayer, partner with a friend and try to control one bike with two riders.

“The base game includes 125+ tracks set in various locations around the globe for you to explore and master, as well as an online multiplayer mode, features to create, share and play unique levels and nearly endless ways to customize your bike and rider.

“Upgrade to the Gold edition to get access to an additional 55+ tracks and exclusive customization items.”

And the Trials Rising demo is just one of a number of new options that have been added to the PlayStation Store this month.

Gamers interested in RPG action can play the new Code Vein demo, which was recently updated with new content.

It will require around 10GB of space on your console and comes with additional multiplayer and level support.

The full game is being released on September 27, making this a great way to check out what kind of gameplay experience you can expect.

Sports fans can also enjoy the new FIFA 20 demo, which was launched by EA Sports a few days ago.

This comes with limited access to teams and online gameplay, as well as the new Volta Streat football mode.

Gamers can head to an Amsterdam underpass as Vinicus Jr’s Crew take on Street Kings in a 3v3 Rush match.

FIFA 20 fans can also play as Chelsea, Dortmund, Liverpool, PSG, Real Madrid, and Tottenham at the Santiago Bernabeu, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, or Stamford Bridge.

PS4 gamers can also choose to download the latest PS Plus titles for free this month, including Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders III, which are available to claim until early October.

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