PS5 pre-orders still live on GAME as Currys and John Lewis stock rumoured soon

PS5 pre-orders still live on GAME as Currys and John Lewis stock rumoured soon

Problems with the GAME website mean that the PS5 has technically been in stock all day, with Smyths and ShopTo also expected to restock.

As predicted, February proved a lot easier to get a PlayStation 5 than any month before it and March is looking to be even better.

It’s still very difficult, and you’ve got to be in the right place at the right time, but it’s a lot easier than it used to be. Earlier rumours already suggested that March would see the biggest influx of stock so far to the UK and so far that’s looking accurate.

Argos and Amazon had stock briefly on Tuesday and today GAME also got more in. Normally you’d expect that to disappear within about half an hour but at time of writing it’s still possible to pre-order the consoles, after which you’re put in a queue.

Alternatively. you might find that the GAME website is down, which it has been for much of the day, as the retailer tries to implement new anti-bot and anti-queue skipping software.

Whether that’s worked or not isn’t clear but people are certainly reporting that they’ve been able to buy the console today, even if they’ve had to wait longer than expected.

Exactly when other retailers will get in new stock is not yet certain, but Currys PC World was updating their PlayStation 5 page earlier today – although the console itself is not currently listed.

Twitter account PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates suggest that Smyths may get in stock before the end of the week and that AO, John Lewis, and ShopTo should all get more consoles to sell next week.

After that Amazon and Argos should hopefully get more in as well and the whole cycle can begin again.

So while there’s still little sign that PlayStation 5s will become permanently in stock anywhere you shouldn’t soon have to wait more than a couple of days before you get another chance to buy one.

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