PSVR 2 out Christmas 2022 and uses OLED screens claims latest report

PSVR 2 out Christmas 2022 and uses OLED screens claims latest report

Sony is allegedly planning to release its next gen PlayStation VR headset next year but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be cheap.

Nintendo may have confounded expectations at E3, with no sign of the rumoured Switch Pro or Donkey Kong game, but in almost every other case the leaks and rumours proved correct, whether it was predicting Square Enix’s Guardians Of The Galaxy game or the late 2022 release of Starfield.

And now we have the first post-E3 prediction, which suggests that Sony’s next generation VR headset is also aiming for a Christmas 2022 launch.

The report from Bloomberg (who, respectable as they are, were wrong about the Switch Pro) claims the headset will be out late next year and will use OLED panels, rather than the LCD displays that are more common for VR headsets.

The report is actually about LCD panels in general, with PlayStation VR only mentioned in passing, and details how LCD displays are increasingly popular for VR headsets because of their low cost, high resolution, and good picture quality at high refresh rates.

OLED displays have better contrast and faster response times, but they can suffer from artefacts and smearing when VR games are very dark. That was certainly a problem with the original PlayStation VR headset and may now be for its successor as well.

Sony themselves has given no indication of when the new headset will be released, other than it won’t be any time soon, while previous rumours have suggested it will have 4K screens, foveated rendering, and haptic feedback.

That sounds great but, especially if it’s using OLED screens, it also sounds expensive. Whether Sony will choose to take a major loss on it remains to be seen but the relatively low cost of the original PlayStation VR was one of its main appeals.

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