PUBG’s Latest Update Adds A Team Deathmatch Mode

PUBG’s Latest Update Adds A Team Deathmatch Mode

At long last, PUBG has an official deathmatch mode. PUBG Corp. released a new patch this morning that added the long-requested mode to the game. Coming in the form of “Arcade” mode, players can partake of an 8v8 variant of team deathmatch that will see teams fragging each other to be the first to 50 kills.

This has been a standard feature of basically every shooter since the invention of online multiplayer. PUBG was created with the idea of shifting the dynamic of FPS titles, but it always felt odd that a shooter didn’t have some bog-standard options. I guess three years after launch is as good a time as any to add the mode.

Players will be able to try out team deathmatch for a limited time on seven custom-made maps. These maps will be based on the existing PUBG locations of Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. Friendly-fire and “Down But Not Out” states have been removed while regenerating health is in. Man, it feels nice to be back in 2004.

My snide comments aside, it is pretty nice to see PUBG become more feature complete. Battle royale is usually exciting, but sometimes you need to take a break from all of that tension. With a pretty decent shooting model, PUBG was always begging to be pushed in more than just one game type.

Similar modes like this have existed in PUBG before (excluding the more feature-complete mobile port), but nothing that has directly replicated what old-school shooters provided. It was cool to have faster respawns and such, but having to do the plane jump just to get back into action entirely broke the flow of a match. Removing that and just respawning on the spot will be a huge improvement.

Currently, this update is live on the PUBG test servers. It will be heading into full release next week and the console versions will get their own update in the coming weeks. At some point, team deathmatch will be swapped out with something else, though let’s hope it’s a CTF mode. We haven’t had a really solid CTF game in eons.

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