Radiohead’s In Rainbows Recreated Entirely Using Super Mario 64

Radiohead’s In Rainbows Recreated Entirely Using Super Mario 64

Radiohead are an influential band with the British indie group known for their harmonic complexity, innovative sonic arrangements, and Thom Yorke's interesting dancing. N64 classic Mario 64 meanwhile is famous for bringing the famed mascot into the 3D era, joyous movement, and superlative levels. But now, in the year 2023, the two have been combined in a work of massive and undeniable genius (okay maybe that's overstating it, but only slightly).

YouTuber on4word has recreated the entirety of Radiohead's seventh studio album In Rainbows using just the soundsavailable from Mario 64. It is some creation. Not only did they recreate every song from the 42-minute album, but they managed to recreate them with stunning accuracy. It still sounds very much like Radiohead, but with a definite Mario twang and twinkle.

We start with the drum machine rhythms of 15 Step, expertly recreated using the sounds of Mario 64, with a synthesiser-like sound stepping in for the song's melody which is sung by Thom Yorke in the original. Being able to recreate the drum pattern is impressive, but even more stunning is that on4word was able to recreate the harmonies and little flourishes of the song too.

On the slower songs, it's equally amazing. Recreating the atmosphere of Nude, with its sense of space, warmth, and jazzy mix, using the soundfont of Mario 64 is beautiful. It is that good. Skipping ahead to Reckoner I thought there might be a struggle to recreate that song's wide soundstage and depth, with that track known for its percussive echo and texture, and while on4word does struggle to replicate the song's special texture, they bring an unexpected fruitiness to the track that makes the cover its own special thing.

On4word has made a name for themselves covering popular music using Super Mario 64. They've covered Tame Impala's The Less I Know the Better, Aphex Twin, and Nine Inch Nails, among others, all using the sounds available from the N64 title. Check out their YouTube page for more, while those wanting to support their work can tip them on their Bandcamp shown in the above video's description.

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