Raft: Utopia Tower Walkthrough

Raft: Utopia Tower Walkthrough

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  • Navigating The Obstacle Course
  • How To Raise The Cogwheels
  • Moving Weights, Again
  • How To Fix The Broken Elevator
  • How To Beat Olof
  • How To Beat The Alpha Hyena
  • How To Get The Master Key

Utopia tower. This is it, the culmination of your journey in Raft. You've climbed to the highest peaks and plundered the deepest depths, fought off everything from wild boars to polar bears. Everything you've done so far has been leading you to this point, to this confrontation.

The Utopia tower is Olof's stronghold; this is his last stand, and his last chance to attempt to get rid of you for good. He's locked away the residents of Utopia for what he thinks is the greater good. It's your job to free them.

Navigating The Obstacle Course

Take the elevator up to a large open area full of bamboo walkways. You need to successfully navigate your way around these rotating fans by either crouching or jumping at the right time. Don't worry too much if you get knocked off, you land safely on the net below. Just make your way back to the room entrance and climb the ladder to start again.

When you have traversed the obstacle course, you'll come to a room with a broken elevator and a hammer. Take the hammer and return to where you originally entered the obstacle room, your new item will open the door to the left as you entered.

If you're struggling with the obstacle course, simply jump off onto the net and walk over towards the door you need to get to. There is a pulley system with a barrel; if you jump on the barrel you can activate the handle and pull yourself up to the platform. Sneaky, right?

How To Raise The Cogwheels

The next room requires you to get a cogwheel onto the platform, then raise said platform so that it reaches the exit on the right.

First, you need to grab a cogwheel from the pile and get it onto the first stationary platform on the right side of the room. Note that you can't jump whilst holding a cogwheel, so you're going to have to use the movable crates dotted around the room to create a makeshift set of stairs. Simply place the cogwheel on the crate, jump up a level, then grab it from below. Once this is done, place the cogwheel onto the movable platform in the middle of the room, you'll notice that the platform will lower to the floor.

The idea behind this puzzle is that you need to add weights to the left platform in order to raise the right one to the correct level, thus enabling you to take a cogwheel to the next area.

This is the order you should be adding and removing the weights:

  1. Head to the top floor and add the three weight
  2. Go to the first floor and add a one weight while removing the three weight.
  3. Climb to the third floor, add the two weight and remove the one weight.

The platform housing the cogwheels should now be at the right level for you to access a cogwheel, and with it, the next area.

Moving Weights, Again

The same thing applies to this room, only this time the platform we have to move already has a weight on it. The idea here is to add enough to the left platform so the weight on each is equal.

For this you'll need to:

  1. Head to the sixth level and add a five weight.
  2. Back down to the first level to add a one weight and remove the five.
  3. Up to the fourth, adding a four weight and removing the one.
  4. Down to the second level, add the two weight and remove the four weight.
  5. Back to the fourth level, this time add the three weight and remove the two.

Take a cogwheel from your newly-leveled platform and head on your merry way.

How To Fix The Broken Elevator

With a cogwheel in hand from the weight puzzle, place it on the tray just outside the elevator where you entered the large open jumping puzzle area. If the tray isn't already there, simply pull on the handle and it'll come hurtling towards you. Insert the cogwheel and pull the handle again. You'll then have to make your way across the jumping puzzle again. Retrieve the cogwheel, and you're able to repair the elevator.

How To Beat Olof

When you exit the elevator, stack some crates to reach the higher level. Upon reaching this area, Olof will start throwing grenades at you and talking a lot. Murder isn't the aim here, as Olof doesn't take any damage. Dodge the blast radius of the grenades as best you can, whilst stacking as many crates as possible underneath your attacker. When you are able to reach the platform, Olof will make his escape.

Inside the next room, you'll find the warehouse key and a blueprint for the electric zipline tool. Drop the ladder to create a shortcut for yourself and enter the warehouse.

You're going to be fighting a lot in the next few rooms, so if you need to craft weapons or healing items, now's the time.

The warehouse is a square arena full of hyenas, but your aim is the same as the last. Try to dispatch as many of the hyenas as you can whilst avoiding the grenades from Olof, all the time stacking boxes to reach his level. It can be tricky to keep track of everything, so it might be worth killing all the hyenas, then stacking some crates.

They will respawn so try to be as fast as you can, but don't rush it. It takes longer to respawn and make your way back up to the tower than it does to take your time in the fight and do it properly.

How To Beat The Alpha Hyena

The next arena is a bit more menacing; red spotlights light the area from above, and you're faced with a rather giant, glowing hyena. This enemy is unlike the previous you've faced, in that it is much bigger, hits much harder, and for some reason leaves pools of poison when damaged.

Avoiding the pools of poison is key here, so back peddling whilst striking is the best way to go. The alpha will occasionally charge at you, so get ready to dodge to the side when it winds up. After a short while, Olof will throw the alpha hyena some food, making it temporarily invulnerable. Plus, it winds up a special attack when the food is consumed so be prepared for that. Take your time, get hits in when you can, and make sure you're topping your health up with any healing items you have in your inventory.

Once the alpha hyena has been dispatched, you can loot the Alpha's head from its body. Follow Olof to the elevator to enter the final room.

How To Get The Master Key

The last encounter you have with Olof thankfully doesn't involve any violence on your part. Simply enter the room and walk towards Olof. He will fall out the window and be stuck on the string of lights below. You can loot the master key from him and a blueprint for titanium weapons from the table on the balcony.

Unlock the final door on the ground level with the master key and your journey is complete!

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