Rainbow Billy: How To Find And Befriend All Creatures In Dinoland

Rainbow Billy: How To Find And Befriend All Creatures In Dinoland

Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan emphasizes making friends, seeing what people like, and doing your best to make them happy. Traveling through the islands, you'll see different people affected by the Leviathan's Curse. You'll want to bring them joy again by talking it out and showing them how they can make friends and be happy.

As you go through the first area of the game, Dinoland, you'll have a checklist of every friend you can make in the area. Some will only take a few moments to find, while others have long puzzles, so having a checklist can help. Find out where you can find each friend and what you should do during confrontations.

Friend Location List

Friend & Location



Head north from the island where you found Rodrigo and activate the first switch you see. Hop onto the plant when it opens.

Deedle-Dee wants someone to empathize and be nice. Don't choose the mean options, and you'll easily recruit them.


Go to the island northeast of Deedle-Dee. When you arrive, use Rodrigo to free Fernie from their cage. You can then hit the switch, hop on the plant, and go to your new friend.

Eggins wants you to respect their space. Let them stay in their shell and not pressure them to do anything. Focus on understanding and avoiding any unnecessary pushing.


Head west from the island where you found Eggins.

  • Go to the left and smash the barrels in front of the bones.
  • Activate the switch near the entrance and hop on the plant.
  • Hit the switch on top of the cliff and use the plant to the southwest.
  • Continue up the cliffs to reach your new friend.

Mipsy likes to stare, so respond with smiles and kindness. Do your best to relate to Mipsy by sharing details about your introverted tendencies. Accept her anger and emotions without being judgmental.


Go northeast of where you got Eggins.

  • Activate the first switch to your right.
  • Jump on the three flowers and use the switch on top.
  • Hop back down, activate the first switch, and jump on the plant.
  • Follow the path to reach Vruu.

Vruu wants to rest and have someone understand their plight. Your answers should be empathic and recognize Vruu needs sleep while tackling responsibilities.


Head north of Vruu's island.

  • Flip the switch to the north and hop on the plant above it.
  • Activate the upper switch, go to the right side of the ball, and punch it.
  • Cross the bridge, use the switch, and go up the leaves.
  • Keep hitting the switches and using the leaves.

You'll need to clear the bushes immediately when the confrontation starts. Glower doesn't like her teeth, so avoid talking about them and do your best to remain nice.


On the island directly east of Glower. Land on the dock, jump on the plant, and you'll reach Biki-Riki. You'll want to encourage Biki-Riki to bounce at first. However, once they start bouncing a lot, you should encourage them to balance their bouncing and passion.


Head north to the largest island in Dinoland. Fernie will ask you to track down the Toy Soldier thief. Keep attacking the bushes she runs to, and Alpharoar will eventually appear in front of your boat.

Alpharoar only cares about protecting his younger brother. Consistently sympathize with him and point out how he does a great job. You should also note he'll make the strongest row of friends run away, so spread them out.


Go to the island west of where you found Alpharoar.

  • You'll need to flip a switch and knock a coconut into the water.
  • Do it again and go right to hit a switch on some bones.
  • Knock the coconut into the bones, follow the path, and use another switch.
  • A plant will spawn, so knock a coconut into it.
  • Hop onto the plant and ride it to reach Booster.

Since Booster is angry, you'll want to calm him down. Avoid challenging him and show how much you care. Don't let Fernie talk with him if he offers.


After recruiting Booster, head north on the same island and dig the sand mount to open a cave.

  • Activate a switch in the cave, go to the right, and use another one to get a coconut.
  • Keep hitting the coconut, run back to the first switch, and activate it.
  • Keep repeating the steps until you reach Drecko.

Drecko cares about his secrets and doesn't want you to pry. Focus your responses on respecting his privacy.


Once you unlock Booster and free Becky, you must visit Lavarilla on the large island. After you place the toy soldier, the path to Bubboar will open in the southeast part of the island.

Bubboar wants to protect his friends, so explain that you want to be friends. You should also mention how he seems trustworthy and like a good person.


Head west of where you found Bubboar.

  • Flip the switch and cross the flowers.
  • Dig up the plant to the northwest and hop on it.
  • Hit the switch to the right.
  • Go to the switch to the north and activate it.
  • Run back to the previous switch and hop across the leaves to the right.
  • Go further right to a switch, activate it, and jump on the flower above you.

Then, you'll find four switches to the left, with some hidden in holes. Use them all to activate the flowers on the right. Follow the flowers and activate the next two switches. Hop across the flowers to the northeast and use the bouncy plants.

You'll have a three-switch puzzle to solve. The right button controls the first and fourth flower, the middle moves the first and third, and the left moves the second and third. Keep using them until you make a path. Use the flowers, hit the switch, and jump on the plant to reach Garoro.

Garoro loves pulling pranks, so show them your appreciation for their pranks. While you shouldn't be a pushover, you should mention how you want them to be happy, but recognize when something unkind happens. She'll steal your tokens during combat, so plan carefully.


Return to the big island and place the toy soldier and car. You'll get them after freeing Becky and getting Garoro. Once you do so, Lavarilla will start a confrontation.

Lavarilla wants you to admire his muscles and strength.


Head back to the third island after defeating Dragalant. You'll head east and barely make it to the island. You must activate a switch and make it through the test of patience. Hop across the first two leaves and stop at the platform. Then, go on the ones after and jump on the plant. You'll have to jump on the first, second, third, and back to the second leaf.

From there, you can keep going and make your way to Fripps. Fripps wants you to appreciate their feathers without trying to steal them.


Head to the island north of Fripps. Flip the switch while standing close to the gray flower, so you can quickly go on it. From there, jump across the gap and get the next switch to move a bounce plant up. You then need to use the flower to reach the bounce plant and get to Twax.

Twax feels they can't trust anyone, so focus on respecting them while showing you won't lie. Appeal to their abilities as well since they'll appreciate those efforts. Twax can change the required colors between turns, so remain vigilant.


Go south of the island where you got Garoro. The test of dexterity is pretty easy: you just hit the coconut northeast and hop on the bounce plants until you find Jackopy.

Jackopy's confrontation remains simple: show interest in their questions and listen.


Go to the third island and head to the northeast island. You'll need to unlock the full Rainbow Fuel to reach this one, so finish the Sunken Harbor before you try to go here. You have to do some platforming to reach Triggor.

Triggor wants you to see their desire to help others. Ensure you mention how you want to rely on them for help. You can only use up to two friends per row, so never use three, or Triggor will kick them out of the attack.


Head to the island directly below the northwest island. You'll need full Rainbow Fuel to get it. Use the switch to have the top-left bounce plant active. Then, you'll navigate the coconut through the path and reach the top section to meet Bippo.

Bippo wants you to recognize her as cute and strong. Never imply she's cute and weak, or she'll get mad and attack you.


While you solve the first rolling puzzle in a cave on the large island, you'll find a switch south of the entrance. Activate it and push the coconut to the southern point to open a path to Gryno.

Gryno may sometimes put up barriers, but you should respect Gryno's desire to be left alone.


Travel to the top-right island. You'll notice an ice wall in front of you, so wrap around the left side to find a hidden island. If you flip each switch once, you'll create a path to reach Chamble.

Chamble has a proud personality and views themselves as higher than others. You should help Chamble see why they must work with others while encouraging them to become helpful.


Go to the large island and follow the rest points that lead to the next area. Once you reach the third one, turn east and head to the island hidden behind the ice.

  • Go to the coconut tree, bring down a coconut, and hit it south.
  • Wait for it to form the platform south of the switch.
  • Push the coconut down again.
  • Run across the flowers and activate the switch.
  • Follow the path to reach Jarjomp.

Jarjomp focuses on acting cool and calling others out for hypocrisy, so say they're cool while you act generous.

Going through Dinoland and finding all the friends can take time, especially if you don't know where to check. As you stop by each island and focus on completing the puzzles, you'll find them faster than expected. Ensure you utilize the list of friends to see which ones you have, where to find the others, and how to recruit them.

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