Rare and expensive Nintendo Switch game comes to eShop – Razion EX out now

Rare and expensive Nintendo Switch game comes to eShop – Razion EX out now

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A Nintendo Switch hidden gem has finally made its way onto the eShop.

Razion EX is an arcade-style horizontal shoot-em-up that originally appeared on the Neo Geo.  

An updated version would make its Nintendo Switch debut earlier this year, but only in limited quantities.

Collectors would snap up boxed copies of the in-demand shooter pretty quickly, leading to prices skyrocketing on sites like eBay.

Indeed, if you were to purchase a physical copy of Razion EX from eBay today, you’d almost certainly have to spend over £100.

Fortunately, however, the problem has been somewhat alievated, as the rare and expensive arcade shooter goes digital.

Despite developer NGDEV previously suggesting the game wouldn’t be released digitally, Razion EX is out now on the Nintendo eShop.

With gorgeous 16-bit graphics, half a dozen stages and an addictive scoring system, Razion EX is available for just £17.95 online.

The reworked EX edition features a ton of upgrades and improvements, including wide-screen visuals, a training mode and new music.

You can see the full list of Razion EX changes and improvements below…

• Reworked game play

• Re-balanced and reduced difficulty

• Added bullet canceling for certain enemies

• Reworked controls and ship movements

• Upgraded graphics and added 32 bit effects

• Upgraded to widescreen

• Added scanline filter

• Slightly reworked levels

• Reworked scoring mechanics

• Unlockable continues

• Added training mode for unlocked levels and bosses

• Added small ending

• CD quality music


 – 6 stages with varied settings

 – 6 huge end bosses

 – 7 sub bosses

 – 3 game modes


 – Rendered 16-bit CGI graphics horizontal shooting game


Speaking of Nintendo, fans are counting down to the rumoured Direct conference that’s tipped to take place this week.

According to the reports, Nintendo will reveal more about upcoming first-party game Metroid Dread.

Furthermore, the company is expected to announce the final character coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Nintendo is also likely to spotlight titles like Splatoon 3 and upcoming role-playing game Project Triangle Strategy.

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