Rare Copy Of Barbie Groom And Glam Pups Sells For $1600

Rare Copy Of Barbie Groom And Glam Pups Sells For $1600

Right before the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles launched in 2020, the first big bit of discourse surrounding the new generation began. The increase in price of some triple-A titles. Certain studios began to reveal that $70 would be the standard for their games moving forward, sparking a debate over whether that is a fair price or not. While it seems steep for one game, it's the first price hike of its kind since the PS3 and Xbox 360 launched two generations earlier.

For those of you trying to justify spending $70 on a single game, perhaps looking at it as an investment rather than something you'll play for 30 hours, at best, and then forget about forever. There's no way of knowing how much that game will be worth in the future. No, you won't be getting your $70 back from CEX the following month, but keep hold of a physical copy for long enough and it might be worth $1600 one day.

Odds are if you ever played Barbie Groom And Glam Pups on Nintendo 3DS, you never envisioned that being the case. It has been labeled one of, if not the rarest 3DS game in existence though, especially the North American version, and a collector of the handheld console's game recently coughed up $1600 for a copy. Galdius showed off their new purchase on Reddit, and there's a good reason why they have been celebrated for it rather than lambasted for spending that much on a Barbie game.

Galdius's acquisition of Barbie Groom And Glam Pups means they now own every single 3DS game that ever launched in North America. You can check out what that looks like, minus the Barbie game, via an earlier post from Galdius. The collector won't have a complete collection for long, as Andro Dunos 2 launches on 3DS later this week. Thankfully that won't be as hard to find as their last purchase and won't cost anywhere near as much. It will also be the last 3DS game ever produced, making their collection complete forever.

The rare video game market has exploded in recent years, and Galdius's Barbie game doesn't even come close to some of the most expensive ever sold. Last year a copy of Super Mario Bros. set the new benchmark, fetching an astounding $2 million at auction. The Pokemon card market is quickly catching up, as a single Pikachu Illustrator card sold for $900,000 earlier this year.

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