Red Dead Online Players To Hold In-Game Funeral Due To Lack Of Updates

Red Dead Online Players To Hold In-Game Funeral Due To Lack Of Updates

Next week will mark a full year since Rockstar last updated Red Dead Redemption 2's online elements. With no end in sight to the game's dry spell, players hungry for new content are organizing a funeral to commemorate the anniversary, and perhaps give up on Red Dead Online for good.

The idea to hold what will likely be a well-attended funeral for RDR2's online world appears to have started with the Twitter account Red Dead News. “Who's up for it then? A funeral to celebrate one year of Red Dead Online being abandoned?” the tweet reads. It's actually a poll to gauge interest in attending Red Dead Online's funeral, but its difficult to determine how much interest there is despite more than 4000 votes being cast since the options are “yes” and “also yes”.

That presumably means at least 4000 players plan on logging in on July 13 to commemorate what the Red Dead Online community clearly believes to be a dying, perhaps even dead game. “Dress up in your best funeral attire, get your friends to join, tag us in pics & use the hashtags below," Red Dead News asks of potential attendees. No mention on where exactly the ceremony will take place, which may mean suited players will be found all over the map on July 13.

Even though a funeral indicates this player-organized event will be the final time many people play Red Dead Online, the hashtags mentioned above suggest otherwise. While many may give up on the game for good after that, the event is more likely a last ditch attempt by those who love it to make Rockstar take note and actually update the game. To make the studio realize it still has a big enough player base to make updates worthwhile.

What must be particularly frustrating for Red Dead Online players is the amount of attention GTA Online continues to get. Not only very regular updates, but even an Enhanced and Expanded version for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Yes, GTA 5 is one of the best-selling games of all time, but with 44 million copies sold, RDR2 was hardly a flop. In fact, it recently broke into the top ten best-selling games ever.

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