Red Dead Online Stadia Player With Over 6,000 Hours Logged Gets Farewell Gift From Rockstar

Red Dead Online Stadia Player With Over 6,000 Hours Logged Gets Farewell Gift From Rockstar

Red Dead Online is dying. It's not getting any more full-scale updates, but is instead being put out to pasture and left to enjoy its twilight years in a largely unaltered state. Google Stadia is also dying, although much sooner. It goes offline today. A streamer with over 6,000 hours in RDO on the platform has been gifted a package by Rockstar for their service.

As reported by PC Gamer, YouTuber Colour tweeted the contents of the care package in the early house of this morning. After Colour begged, Rockstar ensured that Stadia players would be able to transfer their save data over to other platforms so that all their time – and possibly real money – wouldn't be lost.

Among the items in Colour's goodie bag are: a barrel-shaped candle, a bunch of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Rockstar t-shirts, keyrings, a mug, 3D puzzles of in-game weapons, and artwork. It's a cute gesture that shows the company hasn't completely forgotten about the game or its players,

The players definitely haven't forgotten about the game. Despite the news of its looming demise, RDO hit a new record concurrent Steam player peak on January 8. People just can't stay away from the rootin' tootin' adventures of Arthur and the gang. Some even celebrated their last Christmas with some Santa and elves cosplaying.

Hopefully, Colour will be able to continue playing Red Dead Online on another platform since Stadia is being shut down today. Players have recently been competing for a high score on the platform's last game. Once it's dead, the score will live on forever with no chance of being beaten. Well, unless the game gets ported. Other fans of the system are celebrating its life today.

In other news, it turns out Walupeach was turned down before Shigeru Miyamoto even saw designs for her. He knew it would be a cursed image he could never unsee.

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