Red Dead Online’s Naturalist Role Is Currently Discounted

Red Dead Online’s Naturalist Role Is Currently Discounted

To encourage players old and new to keep trying new things in Red Dead Online, Rockstar offers weekly discounts and bonuses. This week’s discount is five gold bars off of the Naturalist Role. While it may not be the most exciting role out there, it can be a decent money earner, so unlock it while it’s cheap.

Five gold bars may not seem like that much, but considering a daily challenge only gives 0.1 bar, it’s actually quite a nice discount. The game gets a little update every Tuesday to keep things interesting and new, and this week is all about the Naturalist, so get your camouflage gear on and get out into the wilderness.

As well as getting five gold bars off of the Naturalist role cost, players will also get bonuses for playing as a Naturalist. Not the poaching kind that sells the pelts of deadly predators to Gus in exchange for fancy jackets, however. This week you’ll get double money and XP for selling samples of sedated animals to Harriet. If you’re in a posse, only one person needs to sedate the animal and then everyone can take a sample. Just one of many pro tips for Red Dead Online.

The bonuses and freebies don’t stop there though. Anyone logging on to the game this week will get a care package including three Potent Herbivore Bait, three Potent Predator Bait, and a Special Lake Lure to make fishing a bit easier. This is a great gift as all free roam fishing challenges will also net you twice as much cash and XP as normal. These aren’t the top free roam challenges, but they’re nice and relaxing, unlike the others.

Unfortunately, there’s still no news on heavily requested features such as bank or train robberies, heists, player housing, or anything close to the amount of content currently available in GTA Online, so make do with what’s being offered now. You have until April 13 to make use of these rewards and goodies, so check out Rockstar’s newswire post for the full details.

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