Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan Shrinks Horse So Much You Can Barely See It

Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan Shrinks Horse So Much You Can Barely See It

What would a western be without a cowboy and their trusty steed? The stinton and holstered revolvers are only one part of the look, you need the lasso and the horse to complete it – Red Dead Redemption 2 gets that. But, like any game, players find ways to turn those base foundations into horrifying nightmare fuel and outragous memes. Cue rhaenemera, a TikToker who shrunk their horse so much it's barely visible.

In a lot of ways, it's reminiscent of Radahn and his own horse in Elden Ring. He got so big, being a demi-god with a Great Rune in his possession and all, that he learned the art of gravitational magic just so he wouldn't crush his horse. If anyone in Elden Ring has cowboy energy, it's the meteorite striking son of a bitch himself, and that's exactly what Arthur Morgan looks like in this clip.

It came about because of a comment, "Try to do the smallest [horse] that you can ride on". So they open up the scale and start tweaking. It quickly drops from one to a size so small that Arthur falls off and crushes his horse like the bug it is. Back to the drawing board, then. Point 14 works, though it looks like a little hamster under Arthur, somehow withstanding his weight.

What's the fun in just watching Arthur sit on a tiny horse, though? We gotta see it in action. The clip continues to show an awkwardly leg-spread Arthur, hunched over, with two pistols, hobbling about like a gremlin, with a tiny horse crammed underneath him. It is horrifying, and might just ruin that badass image Arthur has worked tirelessly to cultivate. Now he's that weirdo that bobbed along on a minature horse.

The whole TikTok account is dedicated to Red Dead Redemption 2 and they even have clips of Godzilla-sized horses tearing it apart in the wild west, if that's your fancy. It usually doesn't end well, though.

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