Resident Evil 3 Mod Allows Players To Explore More Of Raccoon City

Resident Evil 3 Mod Allows Players To Explore More Of Raccoon City

For those who have already played Resident Evil 3’s remake, they will know that the game has cut out a lot of content that was present in the original version. One of the main things removed from the game were key locations, like the clock tower, the park, the majority of Raccoon City’s streets, and more. However, a recent mod for the game tries to fix as much of that as possible.

Known as More Investigation, the Resident Evil 3 Remake mod essentially allows players to explore more of Raccoon City early on in the game. Since most of the game world is blocked off with things like barricades, cars, and other obstructions, More Investigation removes all of that and gives players the ability to go beyond those points. As the name might already suggest, the mod allows more investigations and explorations.

On top of giving players the option to explore more of Raccoon City, the mod also changes Nemesis to have a better pathfinding AI. As demonstrated by the More Investigation mod, Nemesis chases the player into the newly opened up areas which gives him and the player additional interaction as well as engagement.

As much as the mod adds additional areas into the game, there are a few limitations. For instance, according to the mod’s description, it “[…] Gives this game more early free exploration, […]” which might mean that it only opens up most of the blocked off areas early on in the game. Also, the opened up areas are empty with no zombies or any items in them. Since the player is never meant to go into those areas (which is why they are blocked off in the first place), putting enemies and items in there would not make any sense. To be fair though, there’s always a chance that another mod might capitalize on this mod and end up adding enemies and items.

Although unlikely, Resident Evil 3 Remake might get some DLC at one point in the future that may have a chance at bringing back some (if not all) of the cut content. In the meantime, for those who may be interested in the More Investigation mod, they can check out its Nexus page.

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