Resident Evil 8 Village: Finest Fish Location

Resident Evil 8 Village: Finest Fish Location

If you’re trying to make Ethan Winters as powerful as possible in Resident Evil 8 Village, then you will need to eat the best food possible. Yes, RE8’s merchant, the Duke, will happily cook you meals entirely for free, as long as you bring him enough ingredients for his recipes.

The best part about eating is that each recipe will provide Ethan with a permanent buff, increasing his health, defence, and more. This means eating each and every meal is something you should aim for, especially if you’re playing the game on a higher difficulty.

The Finest Fish is one of three rare pieces of meat that you must hunt down in order to cook some rare meals, and you’ll find the Finest Fish will be one of the final pieces of meat available to you. It’s all too easy to miss these creatures, especially this rare fish, but as long as you follow this guide you are guaranteed to find it in RE8 Village.

How To Find The Finest Fish In RE8 Village

The rare Finest Fish is hidden away in the Village section, and although it’s there from the beginning of the game, you won’t be able to reach it until you manage to find a certain key item from much, much later.

The key item you’re looking for is the Crank, and you’ll obtain this from the Windmill during your engagement with Salvatore Moreau. Once you’ve finished the Moreau engagement and come out a victor, you’ll be able to return to the Village, and this is when you’ll be able to get the Finest Fish.

Duke is located in the centre of the Village, and from him your will want to head West down the Lone Road, and stop once you get to the bridge. To your right you will find a drawbridge you can lower with your new Crank. This can also lead you to obtaining one of the jewels you need for the Necklace With Two Holes.

Once in the boat, head to the South, under the bridge, and keep going until you find a dock. Here you will find a cave on one side, and a pond on the other. The cave contains a bunch of supplies, in addition to a few creepy monsters, so feel free to investigate and stock up. But regardless, make sure to head into the pond and kill the fish, as there’s one gold fish here, and this will give you the Finest Fish you need to cook one of the rarest dishes.

You can hunt fish however you wish, though it seems like a waste of bullets to shoot them in the same way you might shoot birds or pigs. I prefer to wade into the water and flick my knife about until I manage to hit what I need.

Once you pick up the Finest Fish, make sure to rush back to the Duke and cook up any meals that you have the ingredients available for to make Ethan Winters more powerful than ever. Just remember to keep your guard up in tough situations.

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