Respawn Entertainment Is Working On A Game That Allows Players To Keep "Adventuring Forever"

Respawn Entertainment Is Working On A Game That Allows Players To Keep "Adventuring Forever"

Respawn Entertainment could possibly have plans to release a game offering an endless adventure. The Apex Legends developers, also responsible for player-favorite Titanfall and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, posted a job opening pointing to a mysterious new title, having recently addressed Titanfall’s audio issues on PC.

The listing, published on the studio’s website, called for a “generalist software engineer” with the aim of putting together an incubation team to create “a brand new IP”(via Dexerto). While details weren’t heavy, the page stated the title will put “new, practical technologies” to use and promote “adventuring forever.” This could mean a live game with ongoing support from the devs.

The link above now goes to a blank page but the URL: “careers/generalist-software-engineer-new-ip-incubation-team” serves as proof. The “Apply now” button remains but nothing happens when it’s clicked.

There’s nothing else on this project apart from the now-deleted listing so there could be a wait between now and whenever Respawn opts to present a teaser or something to that effect. The development, however, comes in the wake of the studio moving most Apex Legends operations to a new location in Vancouver, Canada. It was suggested that the shift was made to facilitate the company using its California building to work on a new title, initially thought to be a third Titanfall installment.

Dexerto asserts that the new game is unlikely to have anything to do with Star Wars or the newer Fallen Order series as the studio could look to create a “totally new world.” The publication points to a statement made by Respawn’s chief operating officer Dusty Welch last year.

“We love to dabble,” Welch said regarding the studio’s plans for the future. “Vince [Zampella] loves to dabble in all kinds of projects. His taste for game-making is not just in shooters. But look, you’ve got Star Wars out there. That’s a huge passion for Vince and I – and we love all kinds of different games. We’ll continue to think about ways to expand.”

This hardly rules out a Fallen Order sequel, however – we have a great suggestion as to what it should be. EA has already voiced plans to make it into a franchise, although there’s been no further word since that revelation from several months ago.

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