Returnal: What Are Reconstructors?

Returnal: What Are Reconstructors?

As you explore Atropos in Returnal, you will occasionally find Reconstructors. These mysterious devices are extremely useful, but they cost a lot of Ether to use. Returnal creates a mysterious atmosphere, so you’ll often be left wondering whether objects like the Reconstructor are beneficial or harmful.

This guide will cover whether Reconstructors are safe to use, what they do, and whether they are worth using in Returnal.

What Are Reconstructors In Returnal?

Reconstructors are large, circular stone structures with an alien-shaped hole in the middle. They allow you to respawn if you die during a cycle. Rather than waking up back at the crashed ship, you will pop out of the Reconstructor and start again from there.

Reconstructors can be found randomly throughout Atropos. If you are eager to activate one, look down any side paths that you find. Sometimes, you can find a room with a Reconstructor in the center. Side paths are marked on the map with a dark blue door icon.

Are Reconstructors Worth Using In Returnal?

The Reconstructor costs six Ether to activate, so it is very expensive. Of course, the effect it grants is one of the best in the game, so most players will be happy to part with a few Ether.

If you have just beaten a boss and made it to a new biome, Reconstructors give you the opportunity to explore your new surroundings without having to worry about ending up back at the Overgrown Ruins.

However, there are benefits to completely restarting a cycle when you die. The most important is Cthonos, the living tower that you find near the crashed Helios ship.

Cthonos allows you to exchange Ether for completely new items and weapons that you have not seen before. For three Ether, the tower will pop out a new item. Whatever Cthonos creates is also added to your loot pool so that you can find it during your adventures on Atropos.

Since both the Reconstructor and Cthonos cost Ether, you must carefully consider which is more important to you. New players can benefit greatly from using Cthonos, as some of the unlockable items will help you immensely on future runs. Using the Reconstructor is comforting, but it doesn’t make you any stronger or better in Returnal.

Of course, respawning anywhere other than that destroyed ship is preferable, so six Ether might be a bargain that you are willing to take.

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