Returnal: What Is Proficiency?

Returnal: What Is Proficiency?

As you progress through a run in Returnal, your Weapon Proficiency will increase. This has a huge impact on your current cycle, so it’s essential that you understand the ins and outs of Weapon Proficiency in order to truly make the most of it. Here’s everything that you’re going to need to know.

What Is Weapon Proficiency In Returnal?

Weapon Proficiency is one of the stats that impact Selene during a cycle in Returnal. It determines the level of weapons that you find as you explore Atropos. Selene starts with a basic pistol because her starting Proficiency is zero.

Selene’s Proficiency Rate determines how fast your Proficiency levels up. This starts at 100% and can be raised or lowered depending on the actions you choose during a cycle. For example, an Artefact might raise it, or a Parasite might lower it. Raising your Adrenaline to level 4 will also increase your Proficiency Rate, as the bonus raises it by 50%.

You can see your current Weapon Proficiency and Proficiency Rate by pressing the touch pad on the PS5 controller. Navigate to the Status menu and look in the bottom left to see your Proficiency level. This will also show you how close you are to the next level. You will see your Proficiency Rate on the right hand side, in the stats table.

How To Raise Weapon Proficiency In Returnal

Since Weapon Proficiency determines weapon levels in Returnal, it is the only way to guarantee more powerful weapon drops.

The most consistent way to raise Weapon Proficiency is by killing enemies. Every kill will increase your Proficiency by an amount based on your Proficiency Rate.

Whilst you explore, you might also find Calibrators. These are resources that you can pick up to instantly increase your Weapon Proficiency. The amount of Proficiency you gain is determined by the quality of the Calibrator. You can identify the quality of a Calibrator from its name. For example, they may be broken or pristine.

Does Weapon Proficiency Go When You Die In Returnal?

When you die in Returnal, your Weapon Proficiency will be set back to zero. This means that you won’t be able to spawn straight away with a level 10 Carbine or Shotgun. You will always wake up with the basic pistol and will need to find new weapons as you progress through your current cycle.

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