Rig 500 Pro HC Headset Review: Get What You Pay For

Rig 500 Pro HC Headset Review: Get What You Pay For

Nacon recently revealed a few new products aimed at budget conscious gamers who still want certain quality functions. The Rig Pro Compact Controller allows for customized buttons and Dolby Atmos surround sound. To compliment it, the new Rig 500 Pro HC headset is made with 3D audio in mind. But how does it hold up as a gaming headset otherwise? Pretty well, if you’re looking for a plug-and-play product.

The Rig 500 Pro HC is a universal headset that retails for $69.99. It plugs into your PlayStation controller, Xbox controller, Nintendo Switch or PC via the 3.5mm cable, and has a detachable flip-to-mute mic. The cord has a control slider for output volume, but not one for your mic’s input. The frame is mostly metal, with a softer headband that uses elastics to move up-and-down based on your personal fit. It all comes together in a fairly lightweight headset with very straightforward features.

The big push for this generation of Rig gear is synergistic support for Dolby Atmos. The Pro Compact controller allows it for headsets plugged in, and the 500 Pro HC makes use of it as well (in addition to PlayStation 3D Audio. This adds fuller audio to your gaming, supposedly letting you hear those subtle sounds (think footsteps) that give you an edge in competitive games. It’s a smart move to have both products advertise it, as it makes them a good pair to recommend together. And since both are well-priced in their respective categories, a combo purchase isn’t too far fetched.

I play mostly single-player games, but I still appreciated what the 500 Pro HC did for the soundtracks. It was by no means a revelation, but I did feel like I got the full experience of the orchestral swells and bombastic bass as I transitioned from RPGs to action games.

Aside from that, you’re getting just about what you’d expect from a mid-tier headset. The frame is sturdy, and the earcups are comfy, if a little on the small side. I have no major complaints after a few weeks of use, but I’m also not ready to declare it my new main headset, either. If you’re picking up Rig’s new Pro Compact controller, then the 500 Pro HC is a natural fit. If not, it’s still a decent way to get Dolby Atmos in an affordable headset. Those wanting more control will want to stick to a higher price tier.

A Rig 500 Pro HC was provided by Nacon for this review. It’s available from GameStop and the Nacon site. 

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